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Friday, May 02, 2008

yogurt mask

This post is written just to share with everyone an economical way of doing mask.
My closed friend, who's a beautician, taught me this because she knows I'm really stingy.

Get yogurt (make sure it's original flavour) and apply on your face for 20 mins.

I tried that yesterday night. guess what? i noticed my face is fairer despite the fact that it's always red everyday. *Thanks to my dad's gens, my face gets red everyday especially under the sun and also when it gets reflection from red table cloth*

Not only fair, it's SMOOTH too!!!

After i washed off the yogurt for 20 mins, Tengku Mahkota also tempted to try. He noticed that his face has improved this morning.

For better effects, you can try 'yogurt + honey + lemon'. This is my next task. I'll keep you guys posted on the effects.


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