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Friday, June 18, 2010


I admit I'm a worrier, a person who worries a lot (genes from my late father). I can tell how much I've used my brain by judging from the white hair that grow on my head. Just two weeks ago, I was given a task from the high management to carry out an ad hoc study. It took me 1.5 weeks to complete after looking for the right person to provide me the data, think about how to analyze, provide insights and recommendations. Guess what? my white hair suddenly appeared and my colleague can't believe it when she pulled out more than 15 white hair.

I'm a person who thinks a lot, cannot stop thinking when I have a problem to address. I get into a world of my own and I just can't stop finding a way out. When i get into such situation, only TM will sense it. Even though I manage to get into sleep, I believe my brain still working at the back of it because I dream of the problem. Advice from many people would be relax...Sigh...It's not that I don't have faith in God, but I'm still finding a solution to make myself get distracted on other subjects.

However, the joy that I experience when I get a problem solved is indescribable. The minute when I see the light at the end of the tunnel ( believe me, it's not the light of the choo choo train, but a solution!)

I'm not sure I'm a restless person, but my loved ones claimed that I'm one. I can't sit down and do nothing. I need to do something, read a book or magazine, listen to music, etc. I just need to get my mind occupied and ensure that it runs every minute. Restless me...and my closest passive friend that I have in this world is BOOKS. I love reading :D


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