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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The art of communication

At this new workplace, I've started to monitor how people speak and communicate. One thing that I learned is the art of communication. Being a person who does not beat around the bush during a conversation, I'm pretty straight forward and direct when I want to get message transmitted. I go straight to the point and share my opinion.

Amongst all professionals, sales people are considered to have the best communication skills because they can twist and turn, finally you just get convinced and buy the product. I'm not saying sales people of not good, but I'm really impressed with them. My late father was a sales person and he could talk very well with all his clients with different races, from Indian to Chinese. I respect him. Yesterday, I learned a new jargon at work. Sales people that bring $$$ to the company are called ATM machine. late father was an ATM machine.

I find there is huge difference between an engineer and business graduate. Living example, engineer like me, I'm very rigid and most probably I studied too much of Math and Digital Electronics. Math only thought me if i manage to calculate the exact figure, I get full marks. In Digital Electronics, there were too many 1s and 0s, either 1 or zero, nothing in between. On the other hand, business graduate like Tengku Mahkota are very flexible. Things can fall in between, no right or wrong, most of the things are viewed thru reasoning. One of the advantages he has is his law knowledge.

Recently in one of the conversation with my superior, I was tested to provide insights on one of the research areas. He kept on banging the same word on my mind, finally my answers were like making sentences using that word. After the conversation was over, I felt that I was conned. Sigh... Since then, I've been very careful when I speak and listen.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teluk Kumbar - Mini Genting in Penang

Our trip started with Pulau Tikus Wan Tan mee for breakie. Tengku Mahkota's trip back to Penang will not be complete without this Wan tan Mee. He craves for it whenever he comes back to KL. Finally, he found the difference between WanTan Mee in Penang and KL -->the noodle in Penang is so much nicer and Wan Tan mee comes with gravy on top and his favourite fried WanTan.

After some narrow roads all the way up the hill and passing by some chicken farms, we arrived in Teluk Kumbar. It's a tourist spot in Penang and it was my first time to be there. Thanks to Juliana & her bf. The road was so narrow and I respected the guts that Juliana had to drive her supplier all the way up with her manual car. Her bf shared with us that he once drove Kancil up and he could sense his Kancil panted non-stop after reaching the top of the hill. What's the interesting food up there? Thai Food. I was told the owner married a Thai lady. It's like a different world when you get there.
A group photo...
Tengku Mahkota really enjoyed his food. He said 'The trip is not wasted even though the road is narrow. But the food is GOOD!' So, thanks to Juliana and her bf for the dinner!
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