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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've started my new job yesterday and one word to describe my new job --> Challenging. Within these two days, I could hardly sit down and do proper work. I was called in for meeting, one after another. I'm praying for wisdom to be able to grasp the concept of a few projects and providing my opinion so that I can bring value to my boss.

My new place is relatively nearer to Tengku Mahkota's place and it takes him less than 15 mins to get to my place. We used to spend Rm1.50 everyday when I was at old place. Now, we can save the Rm1.50 everyday and he has promised to bank in the money we save into the piggy bank :)

I reckon I won't have so much of updates until I'm more settled down in the new place. By then, i hope that they won't call me for meetings so often.

Feeling excited and challenged at the same time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Closing another chapter...

God knows my needs, God will not put us in a situation that we cannot bear. 

Yes, after updated my CV and uploaded it on the Web 6 months ago, God found me a new job. I'm closing a chapter tomorrow. I'm counting down now... :)

Thank you, Lord Jesus for the new job. 

A lil Update...

Renovations is going well. Finally, the backdoor has arrived beginning of the week and we can lock the backdoor again. 
We're very satisfied with electrician that Ayam Togel has recommended us. This electrician did a good job and he advised us where to put the extra points. More importantly, he helps us to save money. The orginal alarm vendor quoted Rm80 per point. With extra 5 windows and a door at the back, I need to pay Rm480. That's so expensive. Thank god, we met this electrician and he quoted a price that we're really happy to pay for it.  That's my wet kitchen with lots of power points for my oven, microwave, rice cooker, mixer, slow cooker, etc. 

Tengku Mahkota and I are very thankful that God has brought us good contractors. Despite the economics crisis, God bless us with good deals for lightings for the whole house. Since Tengku Mahkota can't sleep without air con, we've put our air con purchase on high priority and we've managed to pay for it. We came to realise certains things turned out to be on top priority even though we assumed we didn't need it. Oh yea, we bought a bedframe for Rm1 from Macy, pretty good deal yea? And, the salesgirl gave me free mattress protector after hearing me telling Tengku Mahkota that we need to get one. 

A few other things that we need to do research are as follows:-
  1. Curtain
  2. Toilet accessories
  3. Mozito netting
  4. Locks
  5. Dining set
  6. Sofa
  7. etc.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

An adventurous experience

Last weekend, my pre-u friend, Mr D, organized a trip to Tmn Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. Yes, it's a park and we signed up for Skytrax. In fact, that's the whole purpose why we went all the way to Shah Alam. I met a few familiar faces and they look like those faces that I've seen when I was in Taylor's College. Anyway, I was really glad to meet up with my 2 classmates.

This's the banner to give you an idea what you're getting yourselves into right outside the registration counter.  Please remember to fill in a form with 2 contacts that they could call in case of emergency. 
So, are you scared or not??!!
This is the pretender. Tengku Mahkota has done 'kinda' skytrax over in Perth before. 

Let's snap a photo before we start climbing up to the first platform. *SMILE* 

Notice the ladder? It's really Higgghhhhh and looooong.. This is the way to go up the trees and enjoy the nature
Indeed, it was very tiring to climb such a long laddar. I rested two times because I was too tired. Remember, there is no turning back. You just need to continue climbing. 

Only three people can stand on a platform each time. Hence, everyone needs to be brave and not keeping everyone waiting. I didn't start well, I kept everyone waited for me. In fact, some of the tracks are pretty tough and the gap for the steps are relatively wide. It's not meant for Asians. Asians are slightly shorter than westerners. Hence, the gap between each step has to be closer. I came to realize that you need to some stretchings before you start. My arms and tummy muscles ached for 3 days because we hold on to our weight by ourselves in some activities. But we had good fun!

Some videos for entertainment
*please tilt your head*

The Flying Fox that I enjoyed the most, breathing the fresh air in the woods and enjoying the moment I was hanging in the air. 

But I caused a slight delay in the 2nd final platform and thanks to the lead instructor. He rescued me.  He pulled me to the side and that made me easier to climb to the next platform.

Overall, good fun. Both of us enjoyed ourselves very much. I think it was a good activity besides getting ourselves busy with house renovations. Drawing ourselves closer to the nature. 

Friday, May 01, 2009

Work in Progress

It has been a month since the renovations started in our new place. Progress of the renovations is considered fast and we want to thank the Lord for His wisdom in selecting our contractors. The renovations have kept Tengku Mahkota and I busy for the past few months to go around for shopping. Even though we have a lot more to buy for the house, we've decided to take our time and we shall be more thrifty in the midst of economics crisis. I also came to realise that more sales can be found during this economics downturn as compared to when times are good, certain things turn out to be slightly cheaper. I'm counting my blessings one by one...
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