Meerkat On the LookOUT

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I’m suffering from slight headache.

Due to ??

Too much of sleep, feeling lethargic.

Ops…*eyes rolling*

Yea. I went to bed at 9pm and I believe I slept right away after hugging my warm water bag on my tummy and my mickey mouse sleeping on my right side.

From 9pm till 5.50am, I didn’t get up. I slept still. Don’t remember moving much.

And now, I miss my bed.


When I don’t have enough sleep, I rant.

When I have too much of sleep, I rant.

What’s happening?

Nothing happens.

I’m counting my blessing one by one.

I tend to sleep more and sleep early when I don’t have calls at night with the Americans. I start to feeling sick when I remind myself that I have a call this Thursday at 10pm. 10am in Canada, and 10pm in Malaysia. Hello! By 10pm, I’m in zzzzland most of the time. Don’t blame me if I can’t make a sentence in English.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pijah got engaged!!!

Make up in progress

Sweet Baju kurung modern

One for the GIGI

Let's look at Pijah!!!!

Father's day

We celebrated Father's day one week before the actual Father's day in Chillies..
Dad said "we must change lifestyle due to the petrol hike, we all will take plain water"
We ordered like one starter, triple play and 4 main courses to share.

some photos...

This is Tengku Mahkota trying to be 'tay'

Tengku Muda as the camera man

At last, we got a waiter to snap a family photo for us

*can u notice our plain water? We don't like to waste food, hence we packed the chicken for next day

Some updates

Time flies...I've got back to work for two weeks and this is my third week.
I've finished my research write up within 1 week. boss stopped bugging me.

Yesterday was 17th June and Tengku Mahkota and i got married for a month d!

the common question comes:
'how's married life?'

We have a few versions.
The press release version "Life has never been better"
Fern's version "life is back to normal and i have a roommate!"
Tengku Mahkota's version "like that lor"

I can't wait for another holidays to come and I can rest and not stressed up.