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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Turtle Land - Here i come

Today is Weds. ive been counting the days since beginning of this week.
Yes, i'm going to Turtle island @ penang tomorrow evening.
Tonight I will pack my clothes and sleep well...
Then, i'll see my beloved mama!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Love You Lord

This song strikes me all of sudden...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Making memory --- Chocolate peanut butter rice balls

Looking at the subject, don't you find that it's VERY fattening to eat?
Anyway, Tengku Mahkota made this for me to try. According to him, he tried this recipe with his ex-housemate in uni days.
In fact, i wanna say 'Thank you' to him because he made these peanut butter rice balls to encourage me while i was busy with my research studies when i worked day and night for exactly for two weeks. Everyday i came back from work, i showered and had dinner then i kept myself in the computer room 'keeping on pressing the keyboard'.

This is the messy breakie table with all the ingredients that he bought from Giant supermarket. Also, the recipes that he referred to. This is what you called an IT person trying to make peanut butter rice balls.

i love this rice krispies. I didn't know it's so expensive over in KL.

The recipes that he found from the Internet

Mixing all the ingredients together-gether... Tasting the flavour... Enough peanut butter? add somemore?

okay...legs tired d, sit down and make them into the shape of ball.

Then, Tengku Mahkota asked me 'Why they're not sticky enough? What's wrong with the recipes?' After some trials and error, put more sugar then it'll stick!!!

Finally, all the peanut butter rice balls are sent into the freezer.

That's it!!!

The next day, he made chocolate milk and dip each rice ball and again put into freezer again...
After x hours of making this, Tengku Mahkota said 'No more all these non-sense!!!'

Movie marathon

Hmm...i'm NOT sure i can call that a movie marathon.

Tengku mahkota and i watched two movies back to back.

On saturday at 11.40, we watched

After that, he asked 'What do you wanna do now?' As usual, i like to say 'I dunch know'.

Alright, another movie.

On saturday at 2.00pm, we went for

After watching two movies, i want to go to

Both movies also about Paris...I wanna go there again...

Oh yea, this morning i had Roti Bakar Telur Cheese, it's really filling and tasty. I couldn't even finish it. i think it's due to the cheese and egg... i recommend to anyone who works around Mont kiara. It's recommended by

Friday, August 24, 2007

Living in Harmony

Look! Look!
Today I want to share these photos with you that one of my closed friends forwarded to me. Looking at the piglets, they are so adorable, and they sleep on top of the tiger.
That's what you call 'Living in harmony!'
I spotted a pig farm photo taken by Kapitan Yap on his Cambodia trip and i shall share with you all once i copy over.
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Work issues

At work, how do you say a 'No' to your boss?
sometimes it's really tough to say 'No' because there are more advantages to say a 'Yes!'. If we say 'Yes' to our bosses, you'll get the favour of your boss. However, sometimes we have to learn to say 'No' because your boss asks you to do something that shouldn't fall on your plate. We have to stand up and say 'I'm afraid i can't do much this time, because xxx...' Hopefully the justication is good and logical and the most important thing is he/she agrees with you at the end.

In one occasion, one of my colleagues told the other colleague 'I heard from xxx that this person very reluctant to help when ask him/her to do, based on someone's experience'. When i heard that, i told myself this person is playing with fire, how can you code somebody's experience and ruining another person's image? This is not wise. Then another colleague who knows the person well saying 'oh no...he/she is a nice person'. I just kept quiet only. Then, this colleague of mine continued somemore. At last, i decided to say something to put a stop to it. i said 'Please do not put your standard on others. Things that you can do does not mean others willing to do'. Another advise i keep on reminding myself is 'Do not put hope in men, put hope in God'.
At work, i believe there are many approaches one can take if you want someone to share your work load. When you ask somebody for help, pls be sincere and also make sure that person is capable of doing the job. And, pls pls no 'Tai chi'. If things work out well, everything is well. If things do not work out well, do not blame the person because he/she must remember it was initally your job, you still need to take care of the project.

Personally, i worked in British company and i found that everyone is very professional. They are really good in what they do because they are given sufficient time to learn and less competition. They are also very comfortable with what they are asked to do. I remember a good ex-colleague of mine in UK gave me numerous opportunities for me to pick up new things and he taught me good lessons in research. I'm very thankful to him until today. He shared his experience and knowledge with me. i'd really love the way he taught me. Now, i'm working in American company. Everyone is trying to be an outstanding employee, doing more work and i remember someone told me 'i submit my work on time, and i do this and that, i shall ask for promotion after one year'. In fact, i checked the HR chart, the HR department expects everyone to get promoted every two years. Then i started to ask myself 'Why am i not thinking about promotion at all? I do my work and submit on time and sometimes earlier? How come the thought of fighting for promotion never came across my mind? Am i too comfortable now?'

When i was in UK, life was all about work and that is not what i want. Since i came back, i try to balance up my life, now i have work, friends, family, church, games, etc. Thank god that I'm back. Work is work, after office hour is my personal time.

Good news!!! Kapitan Yap is back from Cambodia. The house was so quiet for the past one week, because Kapitan Yap was away and no body played guitar. Thank god that he's back home safely and after looking thru the photos last night, it was a good trip. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to go back to Penang for the long weekend...Mama, i'm coming home!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yeh Yeh forwarded an email on creative baloons photos. I spotted a picture of Homer with Donut!!!
I love Donuts since lil. I remember everytime my mama brought me to bakery, she asked 'Fern, what do you wanna have?' There is always the same answer i have until today 'Donuts'.
I love Dunkin Donuts also and definitely 500 calory krispe kreme that recommended by Sof.
hmmm..When am i gonna have the chance to go Singapore and get myself some Krispe Kreme??

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Just finished one of the important tasks after spending 13 hours on it since yesterday.
Just wanna have a short blog...

In my company, we have to wear proper office attire from Monday till Thursday, on Friday no body cares if you wear a slipper come to office.

What i like to see from Monday till Thursday is men's ties.

Male officers have to wear a tie everyday and they have so many ties. It's very interesting to see different color, design, etc... Some got stripes, polka dots, far, i haven't seen anyone with Dalmatian tie. Only Tengku Mahkota wears Dalmatian tie to work.

There was once the HR manager noticed that some male officers didn't wear a tie and she sent out an email. After the email was out for 5 mins, everyone started to put on their tie.

I love ties, but I'm not a man. I guess i were a man, i'll start collecting ties. Tengku Mahkota asked me not to buy any ties for him, because he claimed that he has too many.

4th lil finger

Finally, my 4th lil finger can stretch far far to reach A node on D string and E node on A string.
I'd really thank my teacher, Celina.
She challenged me last night during the violin class, 'Fern, you can do it!'
'My fingers are shorter than yours', Celina said.
Then, she pressed my finger and left palm, said 'Fern, you've got muscle, i'm sure you can do it'
With a bit of patience and after trying a few more times, 'stretch a bit further, higher, higher, oh no...too high, lower....oh Yes!!!'

Picture taken from

Monday, August 20, 2007


Bor-Chap = Don't care

Personally, it's a tough lesson for me to say 'Don't care' and just walk off.
I consider about others too much that sometimes i say this 'fern, pls love yourself'
Through many ocassions that happened lately, I've decided to learn from Tengku Mahkota 'Bor Chap!'
I need to learn to leave people as they are and go on with my life. Do not put too much stress on myself, because most of the time these are not even my problems at all. I'm just being too 'kepoh' to think for others.
Like Tengku Mahkota 'Don't care!'


I don't want to be sick.
But, it's out of my control.
My body is aching, tummy blotted, 1/2 voiceLESS, migraine on saturday, my taste bud not working...

Why all these sickness came to me?
Frankly, i'm very upset.
God, I need Your healing.

What's wrong with me?
I want to be healthy!!!

When I'm sick, I make my loved ones to be so worried about me.
If I don't share with them that I'm not well, what is family for?
If I share with them, everyone gets panic...
What am i supposed to do?
The best thing...
Keep quiet. Pray hard. Have faith in God.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


My flu has not got any better.
still voiceLESS.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've lost my VOICE - Part II

My boss from Chennai pinged me via SameTime. Her name is Veda, but she's a mother to me at work. So, i call her Mama Veda.
So, this is the conversation we had:-

Mama Veda: Hello Fern
Fern: Yes, Veda?
Mama Veda: Can you call me now? Have some query on your write ups.
Fern: Hmmm, i can't call you today. Because i lost my voice.
Mama Veda: What? You're not well?
Fern: Yea, bad flu, sore throat.
Mama Veda: Did you see doc? Oh my god!
Fern: No voice, can't talk today.

First time in my life, i rejected my boss's request.
I've never said a 'no' to any of my bosses before. i always say 'Yes, sir!' especially to my demanding ex-supervisor in Portsmouth.

Mama Veda: Why don't you talk to Vijay and rest at home?
Fern: It's ok. I lost my voice but my hands can work.
Mama Veda: Appreciate your commitment in your work.

Ops... I've never expected this. I didn't want stay home and do nothing. I don't want to spread my germs to Kapitan Yap because he's going to Cambodia on Thursday for mission trip.

Till 4.06pm, I've used up half a box of 170 sheets of Scott tissue paper.

I've lost my VOICE

It was nightmare for me last night..coughing non-stop and my throat was so fact, it's very painful still.
I got up like 5 times.
Can you imagine how i look like?
PANDA, again.

The last time i got up was 3.45am and i was toying 'should i go and see doc and get MC again?'
Because my manager came to me yesterday and asked 'Fern, if you're sick, why don't you take off?'

What am i doing now?
I'm in the office, about to start hitting the keyboard again, that's why i call myself 'PENEKAN KEYBOARD'.
It's just the time of the year that i get sick again. Nothing special. Life goes on.
I'm wondering how many Kgs i can loose this time?
I've lost appetite this morning. I do not feel like eating breaky.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sick :(

Why am i always get sick this time of the year?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

What a small world!

what happened on Sunday morning when Fern was rushing to church in the early morning was a text came from Josephine Tan saying 'Fern, are you free to pop by Mid valley, i'm in KL now. I brought the baby along'

Wow... Josephine exroomate, we stayed in the same student house back in Subang Jaya SS15. She got married last year and she delivered a baby boy 3 months ago. The last time i saw her was when she came to KL to get her engagement dress.

Now, she pushes a pram, the husband (Darren) carries the baby.. 2 have become 3!!! baby Elijah!!! He's so adorable!!!

Guess what? Darren is Tengku Mahkota's classmates, they went to the same university in Australia and Tengku Mahkota said they took the same course when they were in Metropolitan. Darren joined another group of friends but they do know each other.

Josephine and Fern met in 1999 as roomates.

Darren and Tengku Mahtkota met (most probably before 1999) as coursemates.

Too bad, i don't have the photo of Elijah. i'll upload it once i get some from Josephine!

Corrections: Josephine uploaded the photo on friendster at last!!!

Here u go:

Josephone, baby Elijah & Fern

Congrates to Josephine and Darren as mommy and daddy once again!
Josephine has lost so much of weight whereas Darren told Tengku Mahkota that he has gained 4 inches on his waist, he has to change his wardrobe.

Tengku Mahkota said 'Her lost is your gain!!!'

What a familar phrase???Because it happens between me and Tengku Mahkota as well... Muahahhaa...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Making memory 28072007 ~ Susu lembu's birthday

Happy birthday Susu Lembu!!!!
Yes, we celebrated SL's birthday in Marmalade in Bangsar Village last saturday.
To avoid duplication, pls refer to ZaZa's blog
It was our first trip to Bangsar Village Phase II. The place looks nice and POSH (as usual lar in Bangsar). Once we entered the car park, Tengku Mahkota said 'WOW..RM1.50 per hour, so expensive'. The car park was pretty empty at 10am, i reckon it's too early for people to shop.
As we went upto the ground floor, the shops were closed. Next question, 'Where is Marmalade?' that's the place we wanted to celebrate SL's birthday. Next, 'Where's the toilet? I wanna shh..shh..' So, Tengku Mahkota and I hunt for toilet. 'What ? you need a pass to get into the toilet? This is like US. Toilet is a neccessity for shoppers in a shopping complext!' said Tengku Mahkota. Thank god there was an uncle who works there and he has the pass to allow us to go into the gents and ladies respectively.
During the meal in Marmalade, Mrs Ko called up. Guess what Tengku Mahkota said? 'Aunty, I wanna ban this place. Go toilet also must have the pass. I won't come here again'. No more chance to go Bangsar Village anymore unless Tengku Mahkota drops me off... :)


Finally, I've finished my 'portion' of RS. In fact, the 'portion' is equivalent to 'entire' report. Owing to this RS, I worked every night after work for the past 2 weeks. On Wednesday itself, i stayed up until 3.30am to write my report. Through out my life in uni, I only stayed up through out the night ONCE to complete my Advanced Signal Processing project in my final semester of my master degree. I'm not the kinda of last minute person, i was trained since young to finish my work earlier than the dateline. I used to have very bad gastric problem and it was partly contributed mentally due to stress. Dr Thong said to Fern when she was 15 years told 'Finish your work earlier to cut down your stress level, then you won't have gastric'. Until today, this advice has been sticking on mind for the past 12 years.

Anyway, Finally finally finally i've finished it, like Tengku Mahkota told me last night 'You've made it!' Thanks to his support. Because of me having to work at night, he didn't go out to meet his friends. He stayed back at home to cheer me up and came to my room to massage my stiff neck and shoulder off and on. Thank you so much !!! SmooooocH! Thanks to Permaisuri Yap also, she made fresh orange juice for me to boost up my Vitamin C level and I was asked to continue my work without the normal routine of me to wash dishes. Thank you soooooo much!!!!

Fern is just so grateful and thank god also for giving me the strength and concentration to work every night. A BIG BIG smile now in front of the desktop in the office just like this photo taken by Tengku Mahkota on the right.

Tomorrow is a saturday! I'm gonna catch up with my sleep and CHILL OUT!!!!