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Friday, August 29, 2008

another 1.5 hours

Another 1.5 hours i shall leave the office and enjoy my long weekend...

Internet is BACK!

Thank god the old modem has been replaced. Tengku Mahkota went to get a new modem yesterday after i picked him from work.

The old modem got blew up and no power came in. Tengku Mahkota has to make two trips in order to get it replaced.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I want it to be clean

I think...I admit that I'm clean freak.
I like to see things in proper place and the floor is clean and so on.
Last night, after i reached home, I cooked dinner and after dinner...I vacuumed the floor and wiped the floor. Tengku Mahkota helped me to vacuum the floor after he finished preparing the water bottles for work.
Don't ask me why I wipe instead of mop. Because we don't use mop. Permaisuri Yap has been wiping the floor instead of mopping the floor. In fact, wiping is cleaner but tiring. Anyway, i can tell you how happy i was last night to see floor so clean...

I reckon most of my uni friends especially those stayed in the hostel know that i'm a clean freak. I like to clean the house on saturday morning and make sure it's clean and tidy.

There was once my friend told me that she has lots of stuff at her parents' place. I said 'a home is where you put your stuff according to your convenience. No doubt, it needs to be tidy and clean. If someone is too fussy, what's the difference between a home and show room???'

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nice kitchen

I've just shared with Tengku Mahkota that I enjoy the moments when both of us cooking in the kitchen. Hence, I wanna have a nice kitchen if it's possible.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I came to realize

I came to realize that playing violin in the living room is so much better than the room. Bigger space. I reckon the sound reflected by the violin is better.
Personally, i'm very shy to play violin outside the room, unless no one is at home. I don't mind Tengku Mahkota is around, but not when Kapitan Yap and Permaisuri or even Tengku Muda are around. I'm really shy. I sould like my good friend, Mr Andy, who used to shut the door and the windows when he played piano. Now, I see the common point between us. :P
Last night, I played in the dining hall. 'Wa..the sound is superb' I can tell you that I have this sense of satisfaction developed when listening to the actual 'voice' of my violin. Despite my fingers are painful, I'm really really satisfied. I shall do it tonight again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aglio Pasta

I cooked this previous night. At last, we added Domino's chilly flakes on top of that. Ask for more chilly flakes when you eat Dominos.

Dinner tonight by Chef Tengku Mahkota

Fried rice (bagus!); Ingredients: Corn beef + Permaisuri Yap's chilly + Egg + carrots + lettuce + sausages...
Dessert: Digestive biscuits + coffee ice cream

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hearing or sight?

Hearing is the only senses that I cannot live without. I came to realise that when I was little. I'm a person who loves music and I agree with the fact that 'Music makes the whole world round'.

During secondary school days, I used to listen to piano music while doing my revisions. I couldn't read well without my music at times. When I'm sad, I used to grab a novel and dwell myself into the novel, turn on the music and lock myself in the room. After an hour or so, I would be alright again.

Currently, I enjoy classical music at work, I don't really care what's happening around me especially the gossips. What I do in my cubicle is having my big headset (thanks to Tengku Mahkota) on my ears and my eyes are glued to my computer screen. That's what I call 'Focus. Concentrate'. Pls check out Classic FM. This is my fav. online UK radio station.

The reason I think I can live without Sight is because I don't get the same excitement when I see things. Hearing affects my feelings and emotions. Without sight, I believe I still touch and try to imagine it. Without hearing, the whole world will be so quiet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Folic Acid for females and males

What is folic acid? Ok...have you been to blood donations? At the end of blood donation session, the nurses will give you a few pills and that's folic acid pills, which is Vitamin B9. Also known as Vitamin M. Not referring to $$$$ :P

I came to know abt folic acid after my colleague shared with me that women should take folic acid pills if she's preparing to get pregnant. And it's very cheap according to another colleague who's currently pregnant now. It's like 10 for RM0.50. Hence, I came to know folic acid is meant for females. It is neccessary for production and maintenance of new cells.

Apparently, males also need folic acide. Just read from our internal nutrition alert that folic acid is associated with male's depression issues.

To increase your folic acid content in your body, start eating cereals, take more vege (green) and fruits.

The purpose of this post is encouraging everyone to increase the intake of folic acid, but take everything in moderate. Do everything in moderate is good.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Green hands

Kapitan Yap has a good pair of green hands.

Why I said that? A picture speaks a thousand words.

Quick...Take a photo... I got so surprised to see the flowers when I arrived home from work.

Wine Tasting Session

Two weeks ago, we brought two friends to my extended relative's shop for wine tasting. I prefer wine than beer. Beer makes me go toilet non-stop. One thing i know about beer is it helps when someone has fever, it cools down the body temperature. Next, if a person has diarrhea, it's good to take some beer to flush out everything instead of depending on the medicines.

Anyway, after a few different types of wine, i came to like this white wine from Germany.

Tengku Mahkota got tipsy at the end of the wine tasting session and I drove him home. He got tipsy for the entire day and went to bed at 9pm after a nap at 5-7pm.

What a meaningful saturday!

Looking at Tengku Mahkota's photo, can you guess where did we go today? hahah...any guess?

We went to Royal Selangor Visitor Center. The first reason we got there was to see what we can get from the warehouse sales. Yes, the warehouse sales was good. We managed to get some gifts for friends and family. Even though the map was not published on the newspaper, we called up twice to ask for direction and we got there without any doubts. The warehouse management was good and they have sufficient helpers. The crowd was just nice. It could due to we only arrived after the crowd in the morning. We got there in the afternoon.

After that, we paid for discount price to make a pewter bowl. Initially, i wasn't so keen. With Tengku Mahkota's encouragement, we went for it. We were directed to the Royal Selangor's School of Hard-Knocks. It was pretty fun but it took me a while to knock a piece of pewter to the shape of a bowl. Good experience. No regrets. More photos will be uploaded after I get it from Tengku Mahkota's phone.

Finally, here you go... all the photos that Tengku Mahkota took while I knocked-knocked....

From a piece of FLAT pewter... I unwrapped from the paper.
Knock... Knock... Knock...

At last...i've got my bowl. And I'm given a certificate from School of Hard Knocks + Apron!!!
During our visit, I went to try to knock. Oh dear, It was so difficult to knock a straight line. Apparently, it takes a year of training to make straight lines. Hence, don't expect that to happen on me. muahhaha... And....In a factory of 500 workers, only 4 workers are able to make straight line.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank God

God never failed to surprise me.
He provides me strength to strive for goals. His goals.
All glory be to God.

Car = Freedom??

I think I've blogged about my beloved car before when there was once I missed it so much. My beloved, red Satria, was a gift from my father. I needed a car to go to uni when I did my first year.

Since I came back from UK, I haven't bought a car. I've been relying on Tengku Mahkota being my driver or sometimes I drive his car. But, I hardly go out with his car by myself. At times, I really miss my car because I can just take my car and go out to meet my friends. Now, I don;t do that. I have to check with him on his availability and so on. Recently, I've this thought of getting a car. After some calculations, it's not worth it to own a car because both of us work nearby and we can share the same car. More importantly, the petrol hike has put my idea aside.

I'm sure God will bless me with a car in His time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Going away...

Have you ever experienced of getting yourself out from a situation?

I may not explain myself well. Example...

Personally, I cannot stand people shouting or raise their voice. I cannot stand this kind of situation since I was a lil girl. When people start to argue, I would want to get myself out from the situation. I just wanna make a move.

Recently, my ears are shut from negative comments. When people comments negative stuff, I can't wait to shut my ears and move away.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Feeling HEPI

I'm feeling really happy today. Firstly, my boss is happy with my work. That's the way of doing research. Read. Discuss. Analyze. Research cannot be done if the person only works by herself/himself. I'm so satisfied.

Got tagged by Kin

I haven't done this for quite sometime.
let me see.... and the rules as follows:-

1. Link to the person who “tagged” you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.


1. I love to surf net. I like to surf the net when I'm free, doing a research on a topic of interest. Then I like to focus on my research to find out more and put some thoughts into the topic. Things that I love to read on the Net are healthcare related news, new technologies in the market, entertainment news and so on. Google is what is i recommend when you need to do research.

2. I love water color. I used to attend art classes when I was primary school and secondary school. I love drawing. But all my drawings got eaten up by termites at my old place. pretty sad about it. I plan to start picking up water color after I get retired one day.

3. Classical music. I love listening to when i'm at work.

4. Working from home. I don't like to spend hours on the road to get to work. I prefer to stay home and work because I can lock myself up in the room and continue my write up. I can play the music that i love to listen without listening to noise in the office.

5. Clean. I like a home which is clean. I wanna make sure rooms are clean.

6. My parents don't impose any rules on me, but I like to build fences and rules on myself. My parents are pretty cool. They encouraged me to watch TV during exam period because they were so afraid the daughter gets mad. I studied too much when I was schooling and my life wasn't balanced at all. I missed certain fun that a student should experience. It's ok.

I'm not sure who should i tag.

Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Welcome home!

Safely arrived with all the animal friends

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Counting down...

I'm counting down.
Kapitan Yap and Permaisuri Yap should be in the airport at Ontario now. Ready to fly back to Malaysia via Hong Kong.
I can't wait to listen to the excited holiday moments that they had in Canada, their encounter with mother bear and so on...
Tengku Mahkota & I prayed last night that God will grant them journey home. We're planning to cook pasta for them tomorrow night after they arrive.
Anxiously waiting for them to come back.

Monday, August 04, 2008

My fav phrases

I like!

I want!

Dunch know.