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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No one is an EXPERT

Personally, people that I come across in my daily life always like to assume someone is an expert in this or that field. I do not agree with the assumption when it comes to me. I used to smile and just walk off. Until lately, I've come to a point that I should give my viewpoint. In this case, when I do not agree, I'll not wait for tomorrow or next time, I'll tell the person directly, 'I do not agree!'
If you find that I'm an expert in certain things, too bad... I guess you've over-estimated me. I find that whether you're expert or not, the learning process does not end there. He/she should continue to learn from others.
If I know certain things better than you, it does not mean that i know everything. I like to share my knowledge and share as much as possible with ppl who want to learn at the same time. There are people, who like to challenge our knowledge and want to know to what extend we know certain things. Unpleasant things that I do not want to say from my mouth does not mean that I'm ok with it. I just do not want to hurt anybody's feeling, but I'll always pray for that person.
No one is an expert and do not simply make assumptions. Tengku Mahkota always reminds me 'Don't assume, must ask!' I agree with him totally.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fern - a chocolate lover

Thanks to Esther for the photo!

Yes, i'm a chocolate lover..i love chocolates more than anything.

I used to eat lots of KitKat when i was in secondary school. Take a break, take a KitKat.

I love Thorntons from UK very much and the price is really reasonable if you can get it from the Thorntons factory outlets, less than a pound.

So, buy me chocolates if you wanna get me a gift.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fern's wish list

Alright, today I'm going to share my wish list with everyone:-
1. Trip to Disneyland, US (Tengku Mahkota said he must sell his backside in order to make it)
2. Trip to Perth (I've never been to Australia, I guess Perth is a nice place to visit)
3. A metal watch
4. A pair diamond earings (Not sure I will look older with diamond earings or not?!)
5. An NIV bible
6. Cheese and Bacon Square pie from Selfridges at Bond Street, London (With lots of gravy on top of the mash potato and green peas)
7. Krispe Kreme Doughnuts :) (I know it's very fattening, but... I WANT!)
8. Trip to Switzerland

I can't think of anything else right now, I shall add on more items ...

Monday, June 18, 2007

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What are the causes of headache?
Hot weather (blame it to the weather?), this might be right because it's really hot in Malaysia. Air con is a neccesity in every home. Insufficient sleep can cause headache as well according to my personal experience.

I had a bad headache on Sunday. Whenever i have headache, i just feel like sleeping and keeping my eyes closed. I do not feel like doing anything and I just wanna turn on the air con and try to sleep. In fact, that's what I did after church. Benny aka Tengku Muda sent me home and i hit the bed right away. He asked me whether i wanted to pack chicky rice. I've got no appetite to eat at all. I just wanna sleep...

I slept for an hour plus and i got up and went to the toilet. Tengku Muda slept as well. Everyone was too tired. On the other hand, Tengku Mahkota went shopping in Midvalley with Permaisuri Yap. Then, Tengku Mahkota came home and i followed him to go badminton.

Went to the aunty's place, i was advised to take orange juice with Glucose. Aunty Ling said that helps to get rid of the headache. I dozed off on the sofa after 20 mins, my eyes just wanna closed.

In fact, i learned from the radio many years back that taking 100Plus also helps. The theory behind is headache is due to the imbalance of ions in our brain. Hence, by taking 100PLus will help to balance up our ions.

Guess what happened at last? i went for badminton and i started sweating, running and etc....i don't have headache anymore. Miracles!!!!
Thank god i don't have migraine.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My beloved cousin Lay Yoong

My beloved cousin Lay Yoong has gone back with the Lord last week. She was the closest cousin sister to me and she loved me very much since I was a baby. She got married to her husband when I was four years old and she moved to KL. We sort of lost touch until I came to KL to study again.
Cousin Lay Yoong was a strong woman according to my mom. My mom finds that she had strong character and she was a filial daughter to her dad as well. I used to go to her when I was staying in Ampang during my university days. The husband called me up sometimes and invited me over for dinner. Cousin was a very hygienic person, she made sure everything is clean and things are nicely kept. I guess she was a blessed woman as well because she had a good and faithful husband, who loved her so dearly.
I used to go to HUKM to visit her since she got dignosed with cancer. Every morning when I pass by the Bandar Tun Razak roundabout, I'll remember her. I miss you, cousin Lay Yoong...
Since last week, I realised I've grown up. I did not get into depression when I lost my loved ones. Andrew aka Tengku Mahkota also make sure I'm doing alright thru out the period. I believe in treating everyone well when they're alived, not when they've passed away. I appreciate people that I've come across in my life and I want to love them like how Jesus loves me.

Double Choc Muffins for 99p

Since I came back to Malaysia, I miss the Double Choc Muffins from Tesco soooooo much.

Even though I know how fattening it is, I buy a packet of 4 without fail everytime I visit Tesco. I remember Micheal did mention to me, 'Fern, it's very fattening, are you sure you wanna buy again?'
What I usually do is I'll put it into the microwave and get it heated up for 1 min. Wow...then I can tell you how tasty is it and the texture is soft and... and... and... the chocolates chips will melt in your mouth....slurrrp....yummy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Glad to be back HOME

I guess I haven't been blogging for the past 5 months. I used to blog when I was UK, but not in Malaysia. Anyway, Andrew encouraged me to blog recently. ALright, I shall start the ball rolling again.

Yup, glad to be back home and back to my working life. Indeed, it was a great experience to be in UK for 5 months, living there and working there. However, I didn't like the job there. i miss the weather though. Back in Uk, I came to realise great things in my life, things that I really want, things that I do not want to force myself into, things that I need to improve on, etc...

That's me.. Back to my home church, Faith Methodist Church Cheras. Ops, this does not have the meerkat look!