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Sunday, July 19, 2009


I love tortoise since I was little. I had this tortoise toy given to me by my most soft-spoken 3rd uncle. I remember there was a string attached to tortoise for me to pull if forward and backward. When the tortoise moves, its 4 legs waddles. I really enjoyed playing with this tortoise toy. Everytime after finishing playing, I would put it back to the box.

After I grow up, my mom bought me 2 tiny tortoise (real one) but their lives were short. One died after another. Sigh..I used to leave them in the living room and allow them to move around freely. Then, I would catch them whenever they went out of sight. My late father liked to tease me and remind me whether I wash them. I'm a clean and hygien freak, I bathed them and brushed their shell everyday to make sure they are clean at all time. But, I didn't manage to keep them for longer period.

A RanDOm shot

Study room

How to decorate the study room? I believe I'm going to spend most of my time here to practise my violin, work, messaging and surfing the Net...
Thanks to Kapitan Yap, I really love the pink and light blue which turned out to look more like purple. The combination of pink and purple reminds me of our wedding theme color...
I need to get an L-shape table, book shelf and chairs. Thank god that a closed sista in christ has decided to give us a sofa bed... Whoa...I can lie down and read my books and slowly crawl into Zzzzland...

Friday, July 17, 2009


How many hours of sleep we need per night? How can a person works for at least 15 hours a day? I can't imagine how much strength this person has. He does not feel tired?

My usual routine on weekdays are going to bed by 10.30pm and get up at 5.50am or latest by 6am. Due to the heavy traffic jam, Tengku Mahkota and I leave for work really early. We're basically join the students on the road early morning. My body has worked in a way if I sleep less than 6 hours, I feel tired the next day. The worst thing is my body produces heat. As a result, both cheeks turn red and my entire body is very warm, but my hands and feets are cold most of the time. It's something like feeling feverish yet no where near fever temperature. I'm still trying to find out the reason. Anyone can explain to me?

So, if I don't have enough sleep, I can't think well and be efficient the next day. Hence, I truly understand that my body needs a balance between work and rest, I don't abuse it because I can't afford to get sick.

I'm not sure why I just don't feel like getting to bed tonight. Perhaps, it has passed my bedtime. Alright, good night and have a blessed weekend!


Do you think everyone needs reminders?

Personally, I'm the kind of person who needs reminders. I need to get reminded or if there's something important that I need to remember, I'll jot it down before my mind gets distracted and I forget about it. Thanks to diary and auto reminders integrated into our Email application.

But, the question remains, am I not using my brain enough? Am I not fully utilizing it? At times, I can remember it even before my calendar's auto reminder alerts me. I notice I'm not good in words, but I can remember stories better because I change the stories into pictures. A picture speaks a thousand words! Yes, picture is better. I remember when I was in uni, my professor always asked me to draw the circuit out instead of reading it for more than 3 times. Once you get the figure out, it's easier to understand it and picture it. I totally agree with him.

Yes, I'm in the process of learning to fully utilizing my brain fully. In other words, I try to pay utmost attention when I'm in the meeting. I reduce my usual exercise in taking notes but staring at the person who's talking and change it to story. I'm still learning hard to train myself in this area. Determination is required.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Tengku Mahkota was on night shift started from Saturday till Thursday. His working was 8pm till 6am. Can you imagine how tired was his body everyday and he basically had to make rounds in the hospital in the wee hour whereas I tucked in the comfortable sheet?

Due to his night shift, we have adjusted our schedule. It started off on the first night that I sent him to work by 7.30pm. Then, I got up at 5.45am and went to pick him around 6.30am. It took us 10mins from his hospital to get to my office, that was the 10mins that we catch up with each other. Since the day was too young to go my office, we basically talked abit more until 7am. Then, he drove the car home to rest. We took turns to warm the bed. This reminds of the Indian waiters in my workplace, wherein since these Indians come from India to make money and they're on shift in 24 hour Mamak restaurants, two people will share a bed. When one goes to bed, the other goes to work and vice versa. I can't help but comparing Tengku Mahkota and I with the Mamak waiters. In the evening, he'll come and pick me from work and I drop him to work again.

I got myself really tired and went to bed straight. Yea, I miss the time when we read His words and pray for each other every night. It was really tough when I see him for that average 15mins in the morning and 25mins in the evening (due to traffic jam). What can we share more? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. One thing I'm really thankful is my lovely parents in law. Kapitan Yap got up 5.50am every morning to unlock the gates and doors for me. Permaisuri Yap also got to wake up early to see me going off to work, locked the doors and so on. In the evening, they waited for me to have dinner. One of the nights, I got home at 8.05pm due to massive jam, I felt so touched when I was told 'Let's have dinner!' I quickly changed to a short and had dinner. Thank god for a wonderful family I'm in and for having such lovely parents in law. :)

Bondage vs. responsibility

What's the first thing that come to your mind when the word 'bondage' is mentioned? Let me share about my first thought when I heard the word bondage. To me, it sounds like as if you're tied down by certain rules of game. It was one of the prayer meet when this word was mentioned. One of my sisters was advised to break the bondage from her previous idol or religion that she believed in. Yes, being a Christ follower, we're told in His word, Exodus 20:3 says 'You shall not have other gods before me'. In other words, we are only supposed to worship Him and Him only, not any other gods. This tells us that we have to stay focused.

This morning I heard a sermon in the church and pastor mentioned the word 'bondage' and I can't recall the the definition. But, I remember one of the words covered in the bondage definition is sin. It didn't hit me directly until I got home after the badminton game in the evening.

At workplace, we're given job descriptions before you decided you want to go on a job. After understanding the work portfolio, you're convinced that you would like to take up the challenge (assuming you have some work experience in this area or you're given an opportunity to take up the job). One thing that I can't deny in my every job that I was given is giving thanks to the Lord Jesus and I truly believe God puts me there for a reason like for better experience and moulding my character. Whatever happens, it's not by chance, but by His divine intervention.

We're given tasks to do at work, being a responsible employee, we will strive for our best to deliver. But, but, but... This is where bondage comes to play. But, we do not have bondage to force ourselves to work and work until we threaten ourselves, 'I'll get fired if I don't work based on what my boss thinks' or 'If I make the wrong decision, my entire division will get fired'. I believe this situation will happens if you have made an enemy to your boss and your boss would really want to fire you. Thus, he makes the decision solely based on a single mistake.

I would say most of the senior management people that I came across are pretty reasonable. They respect each other and everyone is treated fairly. No doubt, some people have different preference. So, we shall not put ourselves in a bondage. Nevertheless, all in all, give thanks and honour God.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Blessed anniversary

One year has passed and we thank god that He has got us together, two has become one. Tengku Mahkota has been such a blessing to me and my mom. Our florist made this flower for us upon our request to give thanks to God in Sunday service.

The mess is finally over!

Thank God, the humble house has reached the final stage of renovations. We're just waiting for the cabinets to come in. God has been good to us and all glory be unto Him. He has blessed us in many ways especially in getting this house done.

Firstly, my wetwork contractor, we called him Engineer, he was really good. We're very satisfied with his work. Since he loves fishing, he has been sharing his prawns with us.

Secondly, my grill guy introduced by Engineer called Uncle Wong has surprised us in a couple things. The grill quality is good and design is consistent. More importantly, he made emergency exit for the window in each room with keys given to us. It looks really nice and we don't have to spend extra money on locks. We really appreciate his thoughtfulness.

Thirdly, my electrician introduced by Ayam Togel also did a good job. He hacked the line carefully from the main switch box all the way to the wet kitchen. He advised us accordingly so that we wouldn't waste money in unnessary additional point.

Forthly, my churchmate's sister has given us good discount on the lights and fans. Her discounts allowed us to save a few hundreds. We're really thankful. Her workers made sure all the fans and lights are fixed properly and they were pretty friendly too.

The only thing left is the cabinets. I shall leave my comments till I get my cabinets installed.
All in all, with a thankful heart for this humble home.

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