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Friday, September 28, 2007


The meaning of Communication according to Wikipedia:-

Communication is a process that allows organisms to exchange information by several methods. Communication requires that all parties understand a common language that is exchanged. There are auditory means, such as speaking or singing, and nonverbal, physical means, such as body language, sign language, paralanguage, touch, eye contact, or the use of writing.

When i was a lil girl, I didn't like to talk. I liked to keep quiet and only be 'manja' with my mom and also my Yee-Ma. My dad's friend who works in clinic, Uncle Kok Cheng, used to say 'Fern, is there any gold in your mouth.? Call me uncle, your gold will not drop'.
As I grow up, i started to be more 'talkative' in a sense and communicate with others. I was once did blood test for Giotre because the doctor suspected a slight swollen neck and my voice was slightly different. Mrs Ko got so worried and scared. She sat down with me one fine evening and started to ask me to share my thoughts with her, communicate with her. She said 'Fern, you have to share with me what you're thinking. Do not put too much stress on yourself. We're not expecting you to score A all the time. Just do your best.' Thank god after a week, my mom called the clinic and the test was negative. Since then, i also noticed that whenever i have stress especially people are trying to bully me and taking advantage of me, my voice changes. My mother is the best person to judge whether there is a change of my voice as the sign of stress. I listened to my mom's advice and i started to share more with her.

As i entered another stage of my life (started a relationship with Tengku Mahkota), my mom's advice came again. The same piece of advice 'COMMUNICATION'. According to her, communication drives the relationship. If there's a lack of communication, understandings will happen because both parties will be guessing each other's expectations and hopes. To avoid these unneccessaries, communication is the key to address the problem. Communicate does not mean she talks, he must talk as well. So far, communication has been very helpful.

We need to communication, when is the right time to communicate? Do i have to wait? Or i should just speak my mind?

Personally, i'm a very direct person. I do not like to beat around the bush. I might be too direct at times. But sometimes, i'm too shy to speak. Hence, i just keep quiet. I've learned through my experience that as long as i speak out, i'll gain something, it's really 'RUGI' to keep quiet. My dad used to scold me 'Why is it so hard to open your mouth and ask?' There is one chinese saying says that if we ask a pro, it's like reducing the time we need to spend to read 10 over years of books. I think this is really true.

Everytime when i do my quiet time, i always remind myself 'be still, listen to Him what He wants to say'. But, i always fall asleep. My pastor emphasises on communicating with God, which mean two-way traffic, we talk and we allow God to talk to us as well.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

'CAN DO' attitude

In your opininion, what is 'can do' attitude?
This became our lunch topic yesterday when one of my colleagues mentioned that my BIG boss always looks for people with 'can do' attitude.
I was thinking if someone who's really good in marketing himself/herself, he/she can give a perception to the boss that she/he has the 'CAN DO' attitude.
To me, 'everything is possible, just the matter of time.' This is what i learned from my Agilent ex- boss. This is very true and i've experienced it many times in my life. When i'm given a new research topic to work on, it's really to get it started. Can you imagine how you try to start an old car with an old engine? That's what i meant. After sometimes when i've learned the buzz words and get to know a few researchers in that research area, i start to exchange ideas with resaerchers and speak with them. So, it's possible...but, need sometime..
We can work out things, in other words, 'Can do'. But, the question is whether you've done it well or not? To what extend you've done?
Because I can claim that i've finished certain tasks, my boss may say 'good!' or 'i think there's a bit more you can improve upon'. Everyone has different background and we look at things rather different, i reckon.
This happens especially in research, there's no boundary on the research you conduct, a researcher must learn to draw a line and says 'I've decided to draw a line after i reach this, not going further than this.' This is what i learned from my professor when i worked on my Master degree individual project.
So, come back to the 'Can do' attitude. I think one must have faith, things can turn out pretty well. patient + be positive +work smart in everything we do.
Phil 4:13 I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me

Making Memory 30082007 - Trip to Turtle Island

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Missing UK

Recently, I've been missing UK so much.
I miss the weather, the cold breeze to be more specific.
Another thing, i miss the food there. I miss the cheesy and fattening food that i used to take when i was in UK. I'm craving for pasta now. Spaghetti Balognese.
Who cooks the best pasta at home? Kapitan Yap!!! I'm wondering when he's going to cook that again.
Like Tengku Mahkota said 'Special request from Fern..she wants pasta!!'
Since the beginning of the week, I've been stucked in my work. Too many deadlines to meet and my daily routine is all about work. Last night dinner has become today's lunch.
I want a break. I want to go holidays. I want to get out from KL city for the weekends!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sushi for Rm2/plate

Last night, we went to KLCC sushi king for dinner. The objective is not meeting up for dinner, the main aim is passing some cartoon DVDs to Zaza for a/tin and a/yin. So sad to say that Susu lembu didn't make it because she needs a break. She has been going out lately. Alright, not a big deal, we can meet up next time. On the other hand, Zaza brought her ex-gym mate along. Tengku Mahkota and i get to know another new friend.

Oh dear, the glutton look of me!!!

Notice the smoke salmon sushi? Tengku mahkota went to 'make friend' with the sushi workers to get those. THanks yeah!

Look at you know why we had so many plates of sushi..All because is Rm2/plate!!! Can you believe it??!!

See... the glutton look of Tengku Mahkota with the whole stack of empty plates.. 4 of us had 26 plates of sushi, each plate's got 2 pieces. That's like 52 pieces. On top of that, Zaza, tengku Mahkota and i had softshell crab.

One thing to remember, it ends tomorrow and you must bring along the membership card.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fire Drill

This morning at 11am, there was a fire drill practice in my office.

Early morning, there was this colleague of mine came in and said 'Hey, ready to run?'

Then, another colleague answered 'Don't you read the email from HR, we're supposed to calm'.

Anyway, the fire drill in UK and Malaysia is totally different.

Few months back when i was in UK, fire drill happened like at least once a month. I used to stand in the cold, middle of the night, rushing down the staircase. Then my mind started to wonder 'who's trying to bake in the wee hours?' And i used to have problem to get back to sleep after the fire drill.

But what happened this morning was...there were coffee, free fruit juice and milo served at the assembly point. Everyone was sweating and complaining 'HOT! HOT', whereas i didn't sweat at all. My heatlh is not in good shape yet, still have running nose.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Back to work

Time flies...Friday, saturday and sunday... And I'm back to KL again last night.
It was a horrible traffic jam from Ipoh to KL. It took us 7 hours to get home. We stopped at Hang Tuah and Tengku Mahkota missed the train whereas Pepper and i managed to squeezed our way into the train. This is because he carried two hand luggage and a backpack, poor thing. i was so stressed when he was left behind in Hang Tuah Station. Sigh... his wallet and his ticket were with me... He didn't have a single cent in his pocket. Thank god, he managed to catch the next train and i waited for him at Tasik Selatan. But, we kept Kapitan Yap and Permaisuri Yap waited for extra 20 mins. It was 11.10pm. Can you imagine that we took a bus from Penang at 3pm and we reached home at 11.30pm? I think i'd still prefer to drive back by myself as i can go home anytime i want and i can make pit stop anywhere i want.
I shall blog abt the trip and the food we had next time. i'm so tired today. i got up every hour from 12 am till 5.22am. i didn't sleep well at all.
The sad thing is... i've got FLU again. Third time in 5 weeks. Everytime i thought i've recovered for a week, it came back again. In short, my body is TOO weak.
Loads of work to do, i can't afford to take leave at all. God, i need Your healing hand...