Meerkat On the LookOUT

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fact of life

Tengku Mahkota shared with me a lesson that he learned at his work place: 'it's a fact of life that people will look at our flaws'. Personally, I find that this is so true. People will not remember what are the good things you've done, but people will always remember the mistakes that you've done.

I like to look at things on the bright and positive side. Things that have taken place is good to remember and serves as a gentle reminder that we shall not repeat the same mistake. That's what history all about. Learn from the history, practise the good things and avoid the bad things. I once come across a workmate who loves to talk about other's weaknesses and mistakes but not her own. Throughout my working experience there, no one wanted to point out her mistake. The most important lesson that she has missed is she has no rights to talk/tell story about people's mistakes. Indirectly, she becomes the spokeperson for everyone.

Back to the subject, i'm still trying to reduce my mistakes and try to open my eyes wide enough to hunt for mistakes. It's a tough lesson, with god's strength, i'm sure there'll be improvements.

Monday, June 08, 2009

in His time

Ecclesiastes 3: A Time for Everything
These verses came to me last night before Tengku Mahkota and I sat down together to do quiet time. This is my 3rd week into my new job and we're still trying to settle down due to my hectic new job. I spent almost every weeknight working late and poor him has to make 2nd trip to pick me around 9.30pm. And we spent our time together the entire weekend to work on several things. Life has changed since i got into this new job. But, i wanna give thanks to God for all He has provided. In His time, things fallen in the right place and He has His plans to prosper us.
I continue to pray that I don't have to stay back every night so that I can go home on time to have proper dinner.