Meerkat On the LookOUT

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm in Portsmouth!

Thanks so much for all the prayers from all my friends and relatives!
i've settled down..i'll blog more often after i get my internet connection in my hall next week.
God bless u!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Packing up and leaving...'s never easy when it comes to packing. In fact, i've moved in and out for 6 times through out the period of my stay in KL for the last 7 years. I'm sooooooooo sick of moving. Before i move into a new place, i start to pack and go into a new place. Upon reaching the new place, i start to unpack my stuff again. God has been really good to me, He always sends friends to help me out.
Time flies, i'm leaving for London on Monday. I started to do my packing two days back. I manage to pack my clothes and winter clothings. After one hour of putting my clothes into the luggage bag, i felt tired and i took half an hour nap. item done! checked! Today, i tried to pack my toiletries and i brought my books out. After one hour, i think i need to bring another small luggage bag with me. Before that, i thought one big suitcase is enough. Ops...i'm not gonna travel with such a big bag when i get there. No way!!! Alright, i'll bring another small suitcase. According to the uni pick-up service, 'students with more than two suitcase will wait for the next pick-up service'. I'm bringing one big suitcase and one small suitcase (so that i can use it next time when i travel around Europe, prayerfully, i have enough pounds to travel) and my favourite backpack that i keep my laptop and travel documents. I think i should be able to handle that by myself when i touch down in London. One backpack and i've got two hands, i don't see any problem of pulling two suitcases using both my hands respectively. Am i right?
Personally, i think i've done most of the things that i need to do. Visiting relatives and closed friends is one of the most important item on my TO-DO list. Courtesy is very important in chinese culture. Since lil, mama always reminds me to remember what people have done in your life. Yea..i always remember that even though i don't express it. One very simple principle that i have...i appreciate people that i come across in my life. I said goodbye to most of my friends in KL, except Yen joon & Pui wan that i couldn't get to meet them before i left and Vanessa, who was too busy to meet me. Another one, Hweei min's dad, i didn't manage to say goodbye to her dad. Sigh..but i've done my best to say goodbye to most of my friends in KL. I miss FMC churchmates dearly despite the fact that i'm still in malaysia. i've been back in penang for about a week, i managed to visit most of my relatives and the most important thing is spending time with my dearest Mama. Today is friday and i plan to meet up with my gal friend who's back from US, can't wait to see her on saturday, and another few very closed gal friends for tea break. And that's all. Oh yea, later in the morning i'll go and get flowers for my dearest Papa.
I would like to thank relatives and friends for their love. Thanks so much for all your love gifts, farewell meals, gifts and surprised gifts like cupcakes from zaza (check out zaza's blog on 9th Sept, and susu lembu. i really appreciate all your love. In a nutshell, i think God's timing has been good. i managed to do most of the visitings that i planned to do before i came back to Penang. In a nutshell, i think i've closed some chapters in my life and i've said goodbye to my loved ones, relatives and friends.
Take care!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Goodbye my badminton mates...

Thanks so much for being my badminton mates for 2 years.. i really enjoyed myself playing badminton, get smashed by u all....hehehehe...muakahahhaha...
i'm gonna miss you guys ...
take care!!!

Goodbye ARC...
Broadband wireless access (BWA) teammates for 2 years
Mobile web service (MWS) workmates

Fixed mobile convergence (FMC) workmates

another few more colleagues...
Finally, I said goodbye to BT ARC on Friday, 8th Sept 2006. I worked for this BT Asian Research Centre (ARC) for 2 years and a week. I joined ARC upon my graduation on 2nd August 2004. I remember there were only less than 15 researchers and today they’ve got like 50 people working there. In fact, I enjoyed working in ARC. I met fantastic Drs and experienced researchers who are willing to share their knowledge and skills. I considered myself really blessed. The main reason I joined ARC in the first place was to ‘taste’ what’s research all about. In ARC, I was given the opportunities to carry out research and working together with experienced researchers. Thank God for this opportunity. I was required to involve in technical and business report write-up, experiments, software codings, etc. Basically, what I really enjoyed for the last two years was the traveling. We carried out research by understand a new technologies, finding the limitations of the current technologies, and make improvement. After the results are obtained, we write papers and submit to conference. If we can get our paper in, then we get to travel. Personally, I really enjoy traveling (to visit new places) and allowing myself to know more people (eg. Profs, researchers, industrialist, etc) who share the same research interests as me. Therefore, we are trained to write papers and once the paper gets accepted, we get to attend the conference and share our results with others in the conference.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Meerkat… do I look like it?

Hey people. Everyone must be wondering why I put such a name on my blog. Anyone would like to guess? Some of my church mates got to know how it came about yesterday.

Ok….let me show you a picture of meerkat ( tadaaaaaaaaa....This is how meerkat looks like and this is how a meerkat look out in the dessert).
Tell me ... do i look like them?

My dear, Andrew, said that I looooook like them. The first time I heard that, I was lost. What is a meerkat? After some explanations and he googled it…ops...i came to agree that ‘oh yea, I think the way I respond to people when anyone calls me’. I do *most of the time* lift up my head like how meerkat does and look out ‘who called me???’ However, as most of my BT work mates know, I’m ALWAYS on ‘screen saver’ mode. Thanks to Seemon who gave me the name. ‘Mooove the mouse!!! Fern is blurred again!’

I would like to thank Zaza who encouraged me to start this blog. I guess she is right when she advised me to start the blog right now instead of get it started when I reach UK. So, here am I trying to start my blog.