Meerkat On the LookOUT

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I reckon I haven't been blogging much since I joined my current company 8 months ago. Indeed, every job that i get myself into was such a blessing from God. I have to admit that without His direction, I may not be where I am right now.

Since i graduated, I got myself in R&D and this job really gave me abundant opportunities to travel and learn. With two bosses, one in Malaysia and one in UK, put a lot of effort to train my thought process, seeing things from different angle.I can't deny whatever they have taught me has allowed me to grow.

With God's blessing, my prayer was answered and giving the chance to get into academic industry for 6 months. Even though, it didn't turn out as what I expected. God has guided me and molded me. Again, I asked myself 'Am i gonna be a teacher throughout my life?' I love the country that i was sent to and the life, the food and culture. Nevertheless, loved ones were not with me to share the joy that I experienced.

The third job that I got into provided me a good transition of career. More importantly, it was god's timing that I got the job and I was given opportunities to explore and decide where's the next destination that I want to head to...yes, i found the answer...

'How far are you from the dream that you want to have?' my current boss questioned me in my appraisal session. 'I reckon I'm on the right track where I want to head to' I answered. No matter how much you plan, personal will is not the best unless it's aligned with God's plan.

It's almost 9 months into the current job, I've learned new things despite the challenging environment that I need to go thru. Transferring my knowledge to my teammate have made me realized that I actually learned new things and passed it on...

At this moment, I do have a lil wish and I'm still committing to the Lord Almighty who knows what's best. Just like our pastor reminds us 'If you honour God, He will bless you'.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Have a blessed new year~

Time flies and I haven't been blogging for the past 4 months. I reckon my blog's gonna die soon, but I guess it's never too late to post a line or two :D

It has a been a challenging year for me in 2009, from one job to another. But, Tengku Mahkota and I have achieved a great milestone. We've got a new place and now we can just sit down and enjoy our home. I missed home so much even though we were away for 24 hours up north to attend a wedding.

With a thankful heart, great things have happened in 2009 and challenging times that we've encountered have molded my character. God had given me opportunities to see all kinds of people and reaching out to new friends.

I shall start thinking of my 2010 resolution. What do I really wanna do and achieve? The only thing that come across my mind is I shall continue to honour God and learn to rest in Him. Don't work on Sabbath day.

Have a great and blessed new year!