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Monday, March 30, 2009

Be Contented

Psalm 36:5 says 'Your love, O Lord, reaches to the Heavens, your faithfulness to the skies'. Lord, you've been so faithful to me and shower me with loads of blessings, I'm so thankful. All glory and honour unto You.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tiles, Basin, Kitchen Cabinet...

Since end of last year, we've been very busy with new place. Our weekends have been ended up with meetings with contractors, after one another to get the best quotations. Also, by speaking with different contractors, we managed to get some ideas and free consult!

Three weeks ago, we managed to check out the tiles for the kitchen. And we are going to get this tiles for the kitchen. Nice?
Two weeks ago, due to my fever and flu, we didn't manage to do anything on the house. I was on the bed 90% of the time. Last weekend, we made two trips to town and managed to get our wet kitchen basin. RM900 with 40%, we paid Rm540. Guess what? We bought two basins. We got one for Tengku Mahkota's good friend, Ayam Togel. He's renovating his new place as well. 
On another note, we also met up with the electrician. A reasonable quotation has been received. We're pretty satisfied. But Tengku Mahkota would prefer to get another quotation and seeking opinion from another electrician before making the final decision.

This coming weekend will be meeting up with our kitchen cabinet designer, who's a carpenter and we've met him in the home exhibition last year. Down payment has been made but there are some changes. I'd prefer him to come over to our place to have a look before I get the electrician to hack the wall and make extra power point at the wrong place. He's a designer with lots of idea and he speaks really fast just like machine gun. 


Congratulations to Rizal and Rafeeza (Zaza), the newly-wed couple in town!  We called it the R&R wedding. Tengku Mahkota had to work on Friday in the last minute, hence I went with Susu Lembu. My camera was on its way back with Kapitan Yap from Bario, so I didn't take any pictures.

But, thanks to Cheryl who has got nice camera and she has posted the akad nikah photos.

Then we attent the wedding dinner at PJ Hilton, organised by Rizal's family. It's my first time attending Malay wedding and I really enjoyed it! I joked with Tengku Mahkota and Susu Lmebut that 'If i would become a waitress, I'd prefer to work for malay wedding, because for chinese wedding, the waitress has to carry 8 dishes whereas in malay wedding, the food already served on the table before you go into the hall.'

Tengku Mahkota snapped the best photo of the night and I really love it. Also, thanks to Zaza who cooperated to do her signature smile with the finger touching the cheek on the red carpet as the couple & family walked in. 
The food was good and the best thing was the three-layer ice cream cake. I'm a big fan of ice-cream cake. 

Monday, March 23, 2009


At 6.40am, after Tengku Mahkota finished his banking and on the way to send me to office. We saw a chinese girl, wrapped herself with a white towel. She was carrying a plastic bags (is that her clothes?) Her hair was very messy. 

'What's wrong with this girl? Is she ok? where's her clothes? Why is she running around with only a towel?' I asked Tengku Mahkota.

He looked at me and i reckon he was surprised to see that girl running on a street with that kind of outfit. On top of that she was barefooted.

After we drove past, I started to get worried and asked 'Do you think she's ok?'

'Do  you want me to turn back?' he asked after seeing the worried look of me. 

I replied 'It's ok.' 

I prayed that she's gonna be fine.  I felt a lil disturbed after seeing this chinese gal.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What creates phlegm?

*This post maybe a bit disgusting, but good for your knowledge*

I've been coughing really badly as if my lungs are throwing out any minute.  As I was coughing in the car this morning, Tengku Mahkota said 'Throw OUT!' My response was 'You think so EASY?' Do you know how much of strength is required to throw out? My head turns dizzy and followed by chest pain everytime i cough. 

Next question came...'What creates phlegm?' After reaching office, I started to goole and I found a good link that provides good explanations to this:-

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not flexible HR rules

I wonder how great if I could choose to work from home. 

I'm so afraid to cough so much so that I try to drink water to make sure my throat does not feel irritated. According to Wikipedia, cough, in medicine, is a sudden and often repetitively occurring defense reflex which helps to clear the large breathing passages from excess secretions, irritants, foreign particles and microbes. I can imagine that the irritants in my throat is trying to have some stretchings (just like us every morning trying to get out from the bed) and hence it makes me want to cough and cough. *So comical*

Anyway, I've been using a handkerchief to cover my mouth whenever I cough. I seriously don't want any colleagues to get infected. I've suffered the worst sore throat in my life in the last few nights and I don't want anyone to experience that. I'm also slightly 'anti-social', instead of going lunch with my colleagues, I've chose to pack lunch and ate in cubicle. Moreover, I reduce my daily conversation opportunities with my teammates. I ping and send messages to them via the internal messaging system even though they're just one or two cubicles away from me. 

Let's day dream if I could work from home:-
I'll get up by 8am. Oats and milo for breakfast. Check my emails. I shall start working till 10.30am. Have a short break, practise my violin or take a short nap. Then continue to work. more importantly, I can turn on my classical music  to provide me some inspirations on my write up. Grab a quick lunch like sandwiches or some noodle. I don't bother to cook and spend 30 mins in the kitchen. I just want somethign to fill my tummy and a hot drink! After lunch, I'll continue to work and take breaks in between till 5pm.

I think I would perform better if I could work from home without anyone disturbs me, just like the movie -- home alone. In fact, it does not make any difference for me to work in the office or home simply because i report to a boss who is not sharing the same office as me, all my teammates are not in this office. I'm just a slave and I don't discuss my work with anyone here. My boss knows my mobile phone and she can call my mobile phone whenever she needs me or we can chat via internal messaging system. 

But in the midst of economics recession, I shall be thankful that I have a job. I shouldn't rant. Alright, I shall get back to work despite the fact htat 

Monday, March 16, 2009


Sigh...I reckon my health has not been good since beginning of this year. This is the 2nd time I get the flu in 2009. But I would say this is the worst flu I've ever got within these 2 years. High fever from Friday night till Sunday morning. I was so afraid of pneumonia attack again with all the symptoms like high fever, green and hard phlegm and no energy.  I kept on praying and asking God for His healing hand. Due to the fever, I was so dizzy and I found it really difficult just to get out from the bed. Thanks to Tengku Mahkota, he sponged me a number of times and I felt better each time the heat of my body was wiped away. Phew!

With a thankful heart, I just wanna thank God that He has healed me. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rubber Duck

I'm a big fan of rubber duck. Just wanna share my current desktop :)
*This is not DIGI advertisement*
uploaded by durango99 on Flickr

And I don't mind getting other colors of duck as follows (uploaded by WakentheDead):-
I think i have two red devil ducks couriered from US. They're currently stay put in my wardrobe on turtle island

Weekend again

I haven't been blogging since I returned to work on Tuesday. This is due to work, I wanted to close one of my projects as soon as possible. Hence, I had this strong determination to finish it within this week and didn't not have any inspiration to blog. Anyway, I've submitted my report for QC. But, the research title for next quarter has also arrived in my mailbox.

'How to rest?'
'Can I start my next quarter research in April?'
'What's the rush?'

Sigh, this is how my boss been treating me. 

Economics recession. How to get another job? It's gonna be 2 years since I started my current job. I'm not sure it's good time to move on. in His time, I'm sure God will give me good opportunity. One of my colleagues is going to quit work and return to uni. 

Whatever's going to happen, I'm sure our heaven father will always guide us and protect us. Amen.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fit to be tied by Bill and Lynne Hybels

I want to recommend this book, FIT TO BE TIED, to all my friends who falls into one of the categories as follows:-
  1. Going into a courtship
  2. Seeking a relationship
  3. Going into marriage
  4. In the marriage
I think you can get it from Christian bookstores and I shall thank a friend who got us this book as a Christmas gift. Tengku Mahkota has been reading it but he stopped at page 28 and I'm covering half of the book now. The book is written by a pastor and his wife. They shared about their relationship and why sometimes they see things differently.

This book explains why sometimes couples think differently and later on leads to conflicts. But one of the reasons I realize all these things happen is due to expectations. We impose expectations on each other (your spouse, your family, friends and etc). We expect people may do this way and that way. Often, we expect people to react the same way as us.

When a woman looks for a husband, she basically has a list of requirements (unconsciously) developed based on how her father takes care of the family. Vice versa for a man, who looks for a wife who behaves like his mom. One thing to bear in mind, we have different family background. To me, this is the greatest creation of God. Look at the magnet, positive + positive->repel. Positive + negative -> they stick together! According to the bible, a wife is a helper to the husband and wife has to submit to the husband. But, husband should also compromise and takes care of the wife's feeling.

One interesting thing that the authors mentioned is don't assume you know your spouse well even though you're married for 20 years. This statement is partly true and partly false as well. I think I know my husband better than his friends because I spend lots time with him, i know him well thru our interactions. The authors said understanding a person that you have physical intimacy is tougher than understanding a friend. People change over the time but the fundamental personality of a person will not change much. I think when men change in their 40s, we may call it Mid life Crisis. When women change in their 50s, we call that menopause.

In short, it's a very interesting book that I will encourage my friends to read. I can't wait to find out more by reading it. *ops, I don't earn a single penny by introducing this book*

I thank god that He sent me a husband who's very caring, loving and more importantly, he fears God. I continue to keep him in my prayer everyday.


Waking up at 6.10am on a Sunday morning, this is very unusual. Majority of people trying to catch up with their sleep, but i got up due to a hungry tummy. If I don't get up to fill it with a hot drink, I'll suffer from gastric later.

Gastric has become pretty painful for me lately. A total new and different way that I'm experiencing. Whenever I feel hungry, I shall eat something within 10 mins. Otherwise, I feel nausea and followed by dramatic discomfort. But, i don't tell people that I'm feeling nausea (Nausea is a sensitive word for married woman, people may assume you're pregnant!) So, i normally say 'I'm not well, gastric.'

I just wanna surrender my health to the Lord, I pray for healing and I seek His hand to touch me in Jesus's name. I want to be well again.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Tasks for this weekend

Endless to-do list for the house again:-
  1. Visit tile shop to get floor tiles
  2. Meeting electrician
  3. Hunt for kitchen basin and a small basin for dry kitchen + water tap 
  4. Fridge
  5. Stainless steel door
Oh yea, I'm wondering whether I will have a chance to catch the Singaporean comedian 'Love Matters' this long weekend since Monday is a public holiday. I plan to visit Moomykin in the morning. Tengku Mahkota and I also promised his good friend to lend him our hands from 4-8pm. 

One of my lunchmates are moving on and we'll be having farewell dinner tonight. Going to pub later in the evening for dinner. I don't drink beer and I don't mind people around me drink beer. But, please don't smoke in front of me. I can't stand it. 

Have a blessed weekend :)


I attent a lecture on Wednesday night with family at Trinity Methodist PJ on 'Heart and Soul of Spiritual Foundation'. It was given by a humble midwife who has got a doctorate in bible studies. Every time I go to Trinity Methodist PJ, it reminds me of my home church in Penang, Trinity Methodist Penang. What's the reason? I can see aunties and uncles, I can hear people speak in  Hokkien. 

Anyway, Dr Voon started off the lecture asking the question 'What is spirituality?' I was thinking it has to do with who are we, how we behave, etc. Her definition is outward expression of the inward belief system that defines who we are, and it governs what we do. Don't you find the definition is sooo complete? I can't wait to agree. Spirituality is one of the popular topics these days. 

If we talk abt Christian Spirituality, we can't run away with Trinity and she showed an illustration of father, son and the Holy spirit in a value chain-liked picture. 

The most important bit of the lecture was when she shared about the composite dynamics of spiritual formation that consists of formation, conformation, information, reformation and last but not least transformation. These composites give us the idea to answer how we're formed basically. To understand all these 5 composites, I shall attend the next 5 lectures in the coming weeks.

I came to realise that I love such lecture, to understand who am I, how come I'm formed this way, what should I do to improve myself, etc. No doubt, holy spirit works within me to guide me in my life everyday. But, I'm different from others. Some may say god creates everyone to be different and there's a purpose why  you are created in such way. 

Personally, I think my past has played an important part in how I behave. In other words, it is conformation that plays a big role. Conformation includes what we've encountered in the past and lessons that we have learned. When I was little, I was more comfortable to spend time with my cousins of my mom's family because I was babysit by my aunty and I called her Yee-Ma. I didn't quite comfortable to speak with my cousins of my dad's family. I think that could be due to age gap because I'm the youngest in the family. There's nothing much to talk about when we have such a big age gap. Another thing, I reckon I was such an introvert, I didn't like to talk. But now, I think I'm pretty extrovert. I share and I voice out, I shall not allow people to assume. I also enjoy catching up with my cousins (both my mother and father's families). Age gap is no longer the excuse. I found that everyone needs to make an effort. Come to think of it, I reckon I wouldn't have changed without going thru all incidents. I also encountered various shameful ocassions and I told myself that the experience is terrible. I don't want to impose that on others. 

There's a chinese saying 'Learn as you lead your life till it ends'. During the lecture, Dr Vonn also shared that there's this saying 'World is a transit for home', our eternal home is heaven. We are reminded to love our neighbours once again. Dr Voon made a joke saying some people believe that you'll sleep right next to the person you hate when you go to heaven. Hence, learn to love. 

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Me, just like a baby, I need sufficient sleep. If I don't have enough sleep, I think I sound cranky. I tend to be less patient in my daily life. 

Last night, I slept around nine and got up six this morning. I would say, I have more than enough sleep. I was so tired last night that I just wanted to close my eyes. After reading 8 pages of a book, my eyes were more tired. I felt asleep on the bed while Tengku Mahkota read his book. 

I'm feeling good today, very energetic because I have lots of energy and I think it can last me till tonight bible study class. :)

With a thankful heart for having good sleep, I thank God. 

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Last week on the way home, I shared with Tengku Mahkota that I'm going to remind myself (again!!!) that I won't complain about my work. I shall be thankful in all things (even though my boss can be ridiculous sometimes). Anyway, God has put me in this working place and I've learned a lot especially in my personal character. It's a good thing. I do self-check quite often to compare myself then and now. I want to make sure I'm on the right path and I shall obey God's words.

In this Lent season, I want to watch myself and I shall cut down all complaints. I can rant (a bit) but I shall not go overboard.

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

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Remarks: Worthy watching. I like the illustrations