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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mama @ Mrs Ko @ Madam Looi

I like to call my mama as Mrs Ko sometimes.

I guess most of my closed friends like Pepper and Mint know who’s Mrs Ko.

When I pick up the phone and I said ‘Yes, Mrs Ko?’
That’s my mama calling.

Many years back when we stayed at my grandma’s house, someone called up ‘Can I speak with Mrs Ko?’ There were like at least 3 Mrs Ko, which one are you referring to.

In my house, there’s only ONE. That’s Mrs Ko.

Yesterday evening, I returned a call to Mrs Ko after work.
And guess what she did?
‘I’m counting the days the take revenge, after x days I can call you Mrs Yap’
Then I said, ‘No such thing. Pls call me Ms Ko till the day. I appreciate that. Muahhahahha’

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


  • tired
  • stress level : unknown
  • yearning for mama
  • missing home.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tuna Sandwich

Tengku Mahkota made tuna sandwich on last saturday night after we met up with a florist. I didn't feel like anything because it was too late to have dinner at 10.30pm. I had mushroom soup whereas he had tuna sandwich.

Something that i need to apologise to Tengku Mahkota. He steamed 6 sausages and i didn't eat my portion. And...he finished six sausages!

Posted by PicasaLook at the teeth! nice! bright! WHITE!

Anti-stress pack!

Thanks so much Kin for giving me such as surprise --- An Anti-stress pack! She knows that i've been going thru some wedding stress and she gave me this! So sweet of her!
Kin, Thank you soooooooooooooooo much!

Can u see the YELLOW stress ball? the mask for two ppl that includes Tengku Mahkota's share as well. The panadol to heal my headache. The salonpas for my backache. The coffee to keep me awake during day time due to lack of sleep. The face towel for me to dry up my tears. Cute magnets to make me SMILE and after all some sweets to brighten up my day.
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Stress no more??!!!

This morning, I told myself ‘Don’t get stressed up again.’

I’m going to remind myself nothing is so serious that will harm my health.

Wedding day is a one day event, why do I need to be so stressed up during the preparations? Take it easy.

The most important thing is marriage; work hard on the marriage AFTER the wedding.

I change my priority now.

Wedding preparations will not be my priority. Do what is necessary.

Changing priority helps to reduce stress.

I went online to search for stress management since I decided not to get stressed up. Besides I’m also keen to find out how to measure stress level. The test shows that I’m not stressed up at all.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

From Spring to Summer

Spring going to Summer

I haven't got a chance to experience Spring in my life. I've spent summer, autumn and winter in UK. But not during Spring.

Spring is the time we can to see beautiful flowers. Some of the places worth visiting will be Amsterdam for tulips and Japan for Sakura.

Spring is known to be the best season. Because:-
Summer is too HOT
Winter is too COLD
Autumn is all about leaves droppping onto the floor.

I'm not sure i'll like Spring, i would not give any comments until I get to enjoy Spring weather in overseas.

Friday, April 18, 2008


When rough the path from day to day

When sorrows fill our eyes with tears

Our choice to find our hope in Christ

Can lift our soul and calm our fears- D. De Haan

Ways of answering questions

A few ways to answer questions when there are too many questions for you. Sometimes I don’t even have answers for the questions when the questions are raised. *I’m still learning*

  1. Ohh…O K.
  2. Alright.
  3. I’ll look into it.
  4. Thanks for mentioning.
  5. Hmm Hmm.
  6. Uh ha!
  7. *keep quiet* = Ignore
  8. Okie dokie.
  9. *body language*, shake the head.
  10. I’ll get back to you on this.

Whatever it is, we’re human. A sweet in your eyes may not be a sweet in other’s eyes too.

Friday, April 11, 2008

After 11 months...

my boss pinged me and said that she dreamt about me yesterday.


Yes, i listened and listend .

my boss: I guess this is probably our first conversations that is away from wrk


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Am I a sensitive creature?

*this is a post that I wrote 2 weeks back*

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts that I’ve been reading lots of books as I’m going to enter into another stage of my life soon, I came to know that women are born to be more sensitive than men.

Am I a woman? Yes!

Am I a sensitive creature! Absolutely yes!

A few little things that have happened lately and I came to ask myself ‘Am I soo super sensitive?’ Apparently, some have mentioned that. It’s ok. It’s a comment. But, a comment on me does not come with expectation that I’ll change to be an insensitive creature. I want to be a woman.

Sometimes I’m too blurred to understand what is happening around me. I need Tengku Mahkota to draw the picture. At times, I just do not bother.

Comments are good at times. But we need to filter the comments that come to our ears. When comments are given, *think positively*, these people give us a chance to improve ourselves. All these years, I’ve tried to be a good girl. I try to change and improve based on the comments. Lately, I told myself ‘It’s enough!!!! I want to be myself!’

Sometimes people give comments just to satisfy their mouth and once they say it out, they feeeeeeeeeeel good. Ok, making your own standpoint is important. Check yourself when people give comments.

As for me, I learned a way to avoid unnecessary comment …I avoid listening to people talking, I don’t give a chance for people to say a single word when I know he/she’s gonna complain. I keep myself busy.

Whatever comments come my way, I filter it. If explanation is required, I only explain to my loved ones. Other than that, I’m on ‘energy-saving’ mode. Do I owe everyone an explanation? Pray and seek God for wisdom are more importantly. Recently, I’ve been praying for understanding, I pray that people giving me comments will see things from my point of view and pls study the context!!!!!

Ok, finished ranting. I’m feeling good after sharing my 'sour' thoughts.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Couting down

can't wait to go back to turtle island...



Wednesday, April 02, 2008


When is the right time to talk?

Talk. Speak. Share.

Which is the right word?

Talk as in sharing the personal problem that you have. Good news are good to share with others to encourage ppl.

Some people find that talking can help to release their stress and tension.

When is the right time to talk?

How to express yourself?

I have a few friends that we always discuss about what’s the best way to talk. Sometime when we identify a problem, but the person whom you want to talk to may not agree with the problem that you find it’s a problem.

As for me, once I identify that it is a problem, I like to take sometime to think about it and make sure what I say will not hurt people. What does God want me to do? Why am I involved in this situation? I pray for wisdom. One of my friends said that ‘Fern, you’re very diplomatic’.

In many occasions, God spoke with me in the past and He really lifted me up. I’m very thankful because He again and again proved to me that He listens.

Am I a diplomatic person? I like to speak with the person when he/she is calm, has open ears to listen. Not the time when he/she is so upset and mad. I find that it is useless to talk to someone when he/she is not ready to listen, it’s better for me to ‘energy saving’.

Many years ago, I used to get tight feeling in my throat and change of voice when I speak. This usually happens when I encounter stress. The only person that recognizes the change of voice and discomfort of my throat will be my dearest Mrs Ko. She is my mother and forever she’s a mother that understands me despite I’ve left home for 10 over years. I constantly update my mom what’s happening in my life and vice versa. I once went for Goiter test when my family doctor noticed my swollen neck. My parents got so worried and thank God the test came out to be –ve. Since the incident, my mother encouraged me to talk to her whenever there’s a problem. My nanny once told my mother that I like to keep things to myself. I guess it’s pretty true. I’m a thinker, I like to think about it. But, some ppl may not like it, they want straight/ non-filter opinion.

In fact, I’d like to share/talk, but just don’t know when will be the right time to share.