Meerkat On the LookOUT

Monday, May 19, 2008

on vacation

i've finally entered into another stage of relationship, a helper to Tengku Mahkota.
i can forsee lots of things to learn to be a good helper. With God's help, everything will be possible, and have faith in Him.
The event is finally over and with thankful heart that everything went smoothly.
Now, i'm so excited, I'm going off for a short break. Unwind myself. Reading a book under a coconut tree. Enjoying a cup of fruit juice. *hopefully it's not too expensive*
After i come back, i shall look into my work and learn to handle my boss again.

Friday, May 02, 2008

yogurt mask

This post is written just to share with everyone an economical way of doing mask.
My closed friend, who's a beautician, taught me this because she knows I'm really stingy.

Get yogurt (make sure it's original flavour) and apply on your face for 20 mins.

I tried that yesterday night. guess what? i noticed my face is fairer despite the fact that it's always red everyday. *Thanks to my dad's gens, my face gets red everyday especially under the sun and also when it gets reflection from red table cloth*

Not only fair, it's SMOOTH too!!!

After i washed off the yogurt for 20 mins, Tengku Mahkota also tempted to try. He noticed that his face has improved this morning.

For better effects, you can try 'yogurt + honey + lemon'. This is my next task. I'll keep you guys posted on the effects.