Meerkat On the LookOUT

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Word of the day

Proverbs 12:1 To learn, you must love discpline;
it is stupid to hate correction.

I've been pondering this word 'sacrifice'. i took a break in between my work, i went to kitchen and grabbed two sticks of celery. i love celery!!! As i jumped onto my bed with my celery, i said 'god, give me a word today!'
as i opened the bible, He led me to Pr 12:1. Remember in high school, i used to attend lots of tuition classes and i hardly watched TV. i missed lots of TV programs and i didn't even bothered because i told myself that a lil sacrifice now, i can watch lots of TV after my exams. When i went to uni, i stayed focus on my studies. Again, i told myself 'Get a degree first, do whatever i want later'.
These few days, i started to miss my working life. i used to stop working around 6.30pm and i told myself to find a 'life'. Life is not all about work, do something else!!! i used to meet up with friends for dinner, go to church for bible studies, attend CG, go movies, hang out with colleagues after work, etc.
Now, i'm back to student life. i work and work at night. i can't afford to eat out everytime even though friends have been asking me to eat out and go for movies. God is telling me tonight that i need to have discipline in the process of learning, spend more time on my studies.
dear god, thanks for talking to me. You know me so well, no one else touch my heart like you do. in jesus's name i pray, Amen!

Monday, January 22, 2007

House hunting
House hunting has been the hot topic in the hall these days. Our hall contract will come to an end in June and everyone has to move out. i remember Yeh Yeh asked me about my accomodation and he likes to joke with me to get a 3 room apartment in Portsmouth. One room for Fern, One room for Mrs ko and one guest room. Yeh yeh even suggested that i put up my guest room vacancy on the internet so that everyone can book online and take turn to come and visit me.
Personally, i don't wanna get myself panic. i want to take it easy. Yes, i've started praying and i prayed that God will get me a double bed room so that my mom can spend a few months in Portsmouth with me. I know that i haven't been a good daughter since i left home after form 5. i 've never stayed home for more than 5 days. In fact, i did! I stayed in Penang for 10 days before i flew to UK. Mrs KO said that's the longest period of time i've ever stayed home. i'll try to do better next time, ok?
Dear God, i want to commit my worries to get a good place to stay into Your hands. i pray that i can get a double bed room so that my mom can get over for a few months and i can spend more time with her. God, i also pray for good and understand housemates. In jesus's name i ask, Amen!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Strong wind and storm
The weather in england has been a lil harsh these days. Storm started last night and it was terrible. The wind hit my window and i couldn't sleep well. i got up like five something for the last couple of nights.
This morning, i was pushed by the wind and thank god i gribbed the pillar. my back nearly hit the pillar if i didn't manage to grib the pillar to reduce the impact. Due to the lab session at 9am, i had to appear in my office by 8.30am. This bad weather has caused several deaths (check out the link). On the other hand, snowing in scotland and north england! how come there's no snow in Portsmouth??

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Last thursday i did another lab session with my colleague. i was so happy to see the improvements of some students. There is this direct entry china student. He has given me so much encouragement. i'm really happy to see that he has improved so much. His attitude is right, he has strong determination, and he works really hard. i could see all the chinese words that he wrote in the lab book, he put an effort to translate all the english words that he cannot understand before he came to the lab. i also observed that he knows how to fight for his marks. He showed me his works and he tried to explain to me that he has mentioned this point and that point. i can see the potential in this student.
Determination drives me to work everyday and we must be clear of our goal that we wanna achieve. Be thankful to every single opportunity that God gives you, opens your eyes to see the ways He shows you and open your ears to hear His voice.

Monday, January 15, 2007

My favourite Pineapple tartLoooooook...This is my favourite jam tart, brought all the way from Malacca to KL to London then to Portsmouth! It's so tasty and i must eat at least 2 at the same time. After all, i must thank this auntie who made this.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I miss myholidays!!!
At Hyde Park, fern with ducks and swans..and pegions too!
I love London Eye! Yeh Yeh said there's a London eye in Titiwangsa...someone take picture for me to see!!!

Oh dear, i look so huge! Thanks to Andrew's photograph skill.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Strong wind
This morning i got up around 5.30am due to the strong wind. The wind hit the window in my room. it was so scarry and i just couldn't get to sleep. FYI, i'm staying on the top floor, that's only 7th floor. i was not that afraid when i was staying on 17th floor in KL.
My flatmate couldn't sleep and she got up around 6 something, she went to the kitchen. After some discussion in the kitchen this evening while i was cooking, she told me that she was so scared that she couldn't get to sleep. Same here..i was so scared.
Finally i got up at 7.40am because i need to get myself in the office by 8.45am due the lab at 9am. i checked the BBC weather before i went for shower. The wind was 46mph. that's why...the wind was strong.
guess what? i nearly blown away by the wind. it was so difficult to walk, not to mention those ppl try to cycle. you can't cycle at all. now, i don't see the point of getting a bicycle. it's too windy to cycle in Portsmouth. While trying my best to walk against the wind direction, i also need to take care of my bag. After some distance, the wind pushed me to walk faster. Sigh...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

St Alban Park and catheral
Uncle Syed brought us to St Alban Park and a catheral next to the park on 1st Jan 2007. I love this park so much. Thank god that the weather was good when we went there, but it was freezing cold due to the strong wind.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Thank god!
i wanna thank god for His love because He gave us (Andrew & I) a two week break. He flew in on 23rd Dec and we celebrated christmas and new year together.
i wanna thank god for A.Janet's family because they allowed us to stay in their place. U.Syed, Yasmin and Sofie brought us around for shopping and sight seeing. Thanks for recommending us the squarepie and krispie kreme. we love it so much! i also wanna thank A.Janet for preparing meals for us especially the christmas dinner. it was really good.
i wanna thank god for He has answered my prayer. The weather was terrible with fog before Andrew flew in, we were worried. i prayed so hard and He answered my prayer.
i wanna thank god for safe journey mercy as we travelled back and forth to london from Portsmouth.
i wanna thank god for Your many many provisions that we've granted us.
Thank god!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy new year!!!

i was away for 2 week holiday in london. Tonight, i'm back to my hall and i shall adjust my life back to normal.i shall work hard and fight for any trips in the future (hmm...write more papers?!)

God bless u all!