Meerkat On the LookOUT

Friday, April 02, 2010


In more than a month time, I'm going to celebrate my birthday. I started to ask myself:
  1. What have I done in the past xx years? I think I spent a lot of time focusing on my studies. No courtship till I finished my degree. But no regrets, I think I'm happy with what I have.
  2. What are the significant milestone I've achieved? Never thought that I got married and settled down before 30 years old. It's a blessing to have a boy friend and God showed us the way to walk further together.
  3. Did I miss out anything that I need to do at that age? Like CJ said, Fernnie's wardrobe does not have a tube (by the way, until today). I can live without one.
  4. Have I traveled enough? Thank god for the free trips and I'm glad that I've traveled a bit. Somehow, I wouldn't mind if I get more free trips (not alone though, after having a bad experience when a drunkard was opposite the road and I was all alone in a cold winter night)
Next post, I shall start brainstorming on how to move on in the years to come and find out what's the plans that God has for me...

Some random thoughts

If I were given some money, what will I do?
  1. Pursue an MBA degree. I've started to do some research on GMAT and all. Yes, I have the desire to go back to study to pursue an advanced degree that could make an impact on my career (going into strategic planning with quantitative and qualitative research skills). Despite I've done 3 business modules during my M.Eng days, I still find that it's insufficient to get myself to where I want to be.
  2. 4 season country. The weather is unbearable, my face is getting red and I can't stop people from questioning me everyday 'Why your face is red?' My reply 'According to my Biology teacher, she said that my cells are too thin. Hence, it's red!' I haven't got a chance visit Australia and US. So far, UK has given me good impression, i love the food and weather (even though it's a bit gloomy everyday, my mood is not affected by the weather from summer to winter).
  3. Migrate to a 4 season country. Transferring my entire family to a 4 season country. Whether you have a chance to work there at the age of 30 or 45 years old, things are gonna be tough initially e.g. to settle down and getting a place that fits all family.
Hmmm...From this list, it seems that I have a desire to get myself out from this country. Have I got myself into a test? First of all, I asked myself a question and all my random thoughts led to a desire that is planted in me.