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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Eve Party

I'd really thank god for this Christmas because i had my mom over with us and we had a complete family celebrating Christmas together.
With a thankful heart,
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Bola on the road

This is Tengku Mahkota's ball on the road, instead of 'on the green'. I can't stop laughing when i received this MMS. Anyway, Tengku Mahkota's golfing skills is so much better than me, cos I miss the ball most of the time when i go driving range.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thorntons from UK!!!

Thanks so much to Aunnie who came back with Thornton Chocolates from UK for me! What an early Christmas gift! I've never thought of having Thorntons in this Christmas, since i'm back in M'sia. There are two trays of chocolates.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

High in sugar??

Friends, do you guys find me always laugh laugh all the time? macam orang gila?

Recently, stranger and ppl keep on commenting me 'cheerful, always laugh.'

Guess what Tengku Mahkota said??!!
'She's HIGH in sugar!!!'

Another Adorable baby!

This baby gal so adorable right? Geram betul...she pinched Tengku Mahkota's nose!
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Monday, December 10, 2007


After ranting, the holy spirit has touched me.

Dear Lord, I wanna ask for your forgiveness that I ranted just now. The person asked me these questions maybe he/she is showing some concern or love upon me. Take it positively. Teach me to be sensible and think rationally. Teach me to love others like how you love me. In Jesus's name i pray, Amen!

I need to rant

hmm..Even though i promise myself that i won't rant, i need to rant now.
If i don't rant, my neck will get bigger.



no one has the rights to ask me unless you fall under one of these catergories:-
  1. Mrs Ko
  2. Permaisuri yap
  3. Kapitan Yap
  4. Tengku Mahkota
  5. Pepper
  6. Boss #1 (my boss #1 was happy that i completed the work, she has not issue)
  7. Boss #2

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Making Memories 08122007- Mei Tine's birthday

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thank god!

This morning, I just wanna say 'Thank you Lord for His strength'.
I haven't been blogging, i can't claim I don't blog, I blog, but not so often.This is because i was too busy with my research, rushing for the deadlines.The deadline was MOnday and I asked for one day extra, and i got it done yesterday.Thank god for the strength indeed. Only by His grace and strength, i got it done on time.

My life for the past two weeks was really BAD. come to office, i worked from 7.30am till 5.30pm. Then i went home, i worked from 10pm till 2.30am, sometimes around 3am. Guess what time i have to get up? 6am.

Can you imagine the number of hours that i sleep? Can you imagine how tired is my body?

Thank god, I survived!!!

Through out this two weeks, i'd really made the ppl that love me suffered. Permaisuri Yap asks me every night'Are you gonna work tonight again?' 'Oh yes, i have calls to make. Discussion with american ppl, their time zone is different.' 'Ayoh, you'd better sleep. Cannot do tmorrow?' 'oh okok'

On Monday morning, CJ pinged me when i was so super stressed, the conversation goes like that:-

CJ: Fernie, you're damn normal
me: What normal? what do you mean? I'm STRAIGHT!!!

CJ: *quiet*

me: Explain, what do you mean?

CJ: you scored 96% normal on your facebook! very normal!
me: you know me well, i don't do last min work, but i'm so stressed up cos i have 5 deadlines to meet. i'm definitely normal, that's why so stressed up.
CJ: ok

I was so busy for the past two weeks that I didn't have time to 'take revenge' on FB, friends wanna partied me with me, i had no time for them, threw turkey, i also didn't have the time to return them an oreo. I had so many requests and invitations to look into. Anyway, thanks for all the gifts and invitataions on FB, i shall look into that today if I have the time.

Then, my body went energyless on monday night. I was so happy after my violin class and i told Tengku Mahkota that i was so thankful to have 3 hours of rest and i would do my work later. After shower, my body got so weak, basically energyless. I lied down on my bed, i couldn't even move my body. But, my brain was very active. I asked for strength and healing. Thank god, He heard my prayer.

Then last night conversation between Tengku Mahkota (TM), Permaisuri Yap (PY)and I was all about work.

TM: Fern fern sick, who suffer?
Me: the people that love me.
TM: now only you know.
PY: You worked everynight like that, body cannot tahan, must rest, must sleep. I think this is like what Pepper said, you always want to score 100%,
Me: I like my job.
TM:Must check your blood later, it must be sugar level dropped on monday, that's why you were so weak.
Me: it has got nothing to do with my sugar, i think it was due to sleep deprivation.
Anyway last night conversation came to conclusion that I should work smart, shouldn't give my life away to myw ork alone.
Ask for wisdom to explain to the boss if things are not possible, don't try to be a hero.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


What am I doing in the office on Saturday?
I've been working hard from 10am till now.

Working in the office on Saturday reminds me of my working life in my first job. I used to go back to the lab on saturday, sometimes due to work, more importantly is due to air con. My rented room was very stuffy and I just couldn't stand the heat. So, I used to go back to lab to enjoy the air con and surf Internet. Then, i started to build my dreams of buying a place on my own, stay home and do WHATEVER I want, no one's gonna comment I use too much electricity, i can sleep anytime i want...

Personally, I like to stay home by myself. Serenity. Peaceful. i know it's abit lonely when u're alone at home.

I just can't believe that I'm back to office to work since I started this job like 6 months ago. The workload has been very heavy for me and I just need to work work work.

In fact, i'm feeling pretty restless now. For the past few days, it has been work in the office, go home and work again. My life...i do not know what to say.


How i wish i could go to a park..jalan-jalan..look at the children playing in the playground, strolling, fresh air, etc...

Do I have the time?

Sigh, Church is having children christmas party now. I miss the sunday school kids so much since the camp 2 weeks ago. I thought that I would be able to see them today and spend sometime with them since i only get to see those children once a year as some of them only come for special ocassions.

What am i doing here?

Alright, stop ranting. I've got so much to write.