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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

will young-leave right now

I like to listen to Will Young, got to know him via Light FM station in UK. His voice is POWERful.

Kajang SATAY - here i come

After weeks of my WILD cravings...Tengku Mahkota is planning to travel down south to have satay for dinner tonight with Permaisuri yap, Kapitan Yap and also Princess Fern Fern...

Mood: Another few more hours, i shall pack and go home then go Kajang... Pray that the weather will be good, traffic will be good.

Let's recite a pantun like Kapitan Yap:-
Jalan jalan, cari makan...
Makan apa?
Makan SAaaaaaaatay!
Satay mana?
Satay Kajang!
Kajang kedai mana?
ops...haven't decided...

My last Kajang satay trip was with Cheryl and Seemon. We were kiasu to drive to Kajang for satay before we moved to KL sentral. I remember i lost to Cheryl, i had only 8 sticks. With the good driving cum F1 skills, Seemon got us to Kajang with a blink of eyes. i fastened the seat belt tight-tight.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a bit of rantings in mid-day

Since young, i like to write to express my frustration. Oklar, i admit i'm very coward to raise my voice or even scold people.

When i get scolded for nothing when i was a lil girl, i like to write in Chinese (my chinese is really crap, my good friend said I wasted my parents' money sending me to mandarin tuition classes and school) because my mother does not know how to read and she won't understand.

I don't like people speak on behalf me, picking my words and passing it to 3rd party. If the 3rd person is smart, he/she should come and speak with me.

I don't like people put me into tests. If you want to find out my preference, ask me!

I like to keep my mouth shut not to talk unneccessary stuff and try to finish my work so that i can have personal time when i go home (e.g. playing violin). In order to avoid any misunderstandings, i've been quite reserved at work place to avoid people speaking on my behalf. I also think TWICE and extra hard before I give comments.

God, protect me from the evil ones. In Jesus's name i pray, Amen!

What's your reaction?

Imagine you go shopping with your boy friend (BF) and his ex-gal friend (EXG), and yourself (GF lar, whatelse right?)Assume that you're GF, you're an open-minded person that you're fine to go out with your BF and EXG.

Walking into a gift shop,BF and GF held their hands. EXG looked around for a gift bag.
Then, a question raised by EXG.
EXG:Seeeeeeee, what do you guys think of this? Nice?
BF: It's ok. Nice.
EXG: *smile*
EXG: i'm looking for something, you know like this. Remember that I got one last time?
BF: Oh, right.
GF: *hmmm* *Smile again*

As GF, what's your reaction?

What is the EXG trying to do? Reminiscing the old 'sweet'days? Testing BF whether he still remembers what does EXG like?

Disclaimer: Above is what i imagine.

My personal reaction will be *smile* and keep quiet. If the thing is nice, say NICE!

Feel free to share your response as GF.

Friday, October 26, 2007


I came across this website from Mike's Facebook.

He shared this video clip about breaking the Internet using Google. Then, i started to laugh non-stop in my own cubicle.

Trust me, it's worth exploring this site if you're sitting in the office like me, waiting for Tengku Mahkota who is on his way to pick me, check it out!

a few good things that i've learned:-
Paste this portion of code on your address bar, u can see WONDERS...

Next, you can goto to key in your desired name in order to create a new search engine with the names that you want.

okok...i'd better pack up, he's around my workplace now...

Have a gooood weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Baby Elijah in KL again!!!

Josephine and family came to KL two weeks back for Hari Raya and we met up for lunch at Marmalade.
a lil update on baby Elijah... He's getting bigger, heavier, etc..
Looking at him, I noticed that I'm getting old...

Baby Elijah is the most cheerful baby that I've ever seen. He smiles and laughs a lot...

Tengku Mahkota carried him to the window lookng out to the street for almost 20 mins, while Dareen, Josephine and I had a chat...
He claimed that he taught baby Elijah how to focus... uh huh? oh ok.

As usual, Josephine and i updated each other and had a short 'women talk'. We talked soft soft and laughed loud LOUD...

Previously, I was sharing with Tengku Mahkota saying I don't have any 'flesh and blood' sisters that i can talk to as compared to my mom, she has a few sistas that she talks to and Permaisuri Yap also has some 'women talk' with the sista whenever she goes to the mother's place. Most of these talks related to family matters, what happen to the husband family, kids, etc..

Me? I tak da leh!

But... after talking to Josephine, I know at least I have one, that's ex-roomate!!!

Come to think of it, I also have a few churchmates that i'm pretty closed with as well and galfriends...
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Making memory 20071015 - HmmmBEKkkk BBQ

Thanks so much Kapitan Yap and Permaisuri Yap for the BBQ dinner! 'Tengku Muda, come back more often and we shall get more dinners yea!'
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Special Appearance - Tengku Mahokta

Picture (l-r): Fern ('07), Sid, Ice age ('06), Fern ('06). Hmm... What can I say? Are they related?! Fern '07 was taken recently at our home just before the BBQ started. It's a lil family gether gether coz it's a rarity that we (Kapitan Yap, Pemaisuri Yap, Tengku Muda, Princess Joyce, Princess Fern Fern and I) have everyone together. We had lamb (YEAH! I LOVE LAMB!! Mmbehkkkk), some greens, roti & some stuff I don't even remember. The other pic (Sid & Fern '06) was taken just before she left for Portsmouth. I thought they kinda looked alike and so thanks to camera phones, it was captured and imprinted forever! Muahahaha!!! Ok lah, signing off for now before I get my cute lil bottom kicked... Tengku Mahkota.
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Making memory 20071014 - Chicky CHOP

It was a long weekend due to the Hari Raya. Tengku Muda came back from Penang for a long break. Princess Joyce also came and joined us for dinner. Even though Tengku Muda is back every fornight, we hardly have dinner together.

Permaisuri Yap cooked the CHICKY CHOP for the 2nd time and Kapitan Yap baked the cheeeesy mashed potatoes.
seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....... *Drooling*

We had a great dinner and good fellowship as well.

Such a nice table setting....

And...a lil of red wine...

Friday, October 19, 2007


This design takes care of ppl like me with big fat rounded fingers to improve user experience

Hair hair clip… J
Thanks to Permaisuri Yap.
I don’t know how to use this clip. I have to ‘mafan’ Tengku Mahkota or Permaisuri to help me whenever I want to wear this clip.
My hair has been very fluffy and curly lately. It’s really tough to manage my hair. If I tie my hair for too long, I get headache and my hair is pretty heavy too.
I look like a ‘LION QUEEN’ after washing my hair.
I also very ‘pai sei’ when friends ask me ‘When you’re gonna do your hair?’
In fact, I have been talking about straightening my hair for the last 6 months, but I never did anything so far.
What have contributed to my fluffy hair since I last did my hair rebonding in August 2007?
Hard water in UK for 5 months ?
  • HOT + HOT shower in UK due to the winter and freezing cold weather. Hot water is not good for hair.
  • No treatment
  • Use of normal off-the-shelf shampoo & conditioner from supermarket, I have stopped using the super expensive straight hair shampoo from hair salon
  • I cut my hair twice, hence no more chemical bond to keep the hair straight.

Baby Sara

i like this photo of Baby Sara. She's so adorable. Even though I don't have 'canggih' camera like baby Sara's dad, I managed to snap this cutie look of her!!!
Ops...I didn't focus properly...aiayah...just snap lar
WF, don't laugh at my skill...I memang no photography skill.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Patrick, the DOG

See, Patrick also wants look at my laptop screen... So kepoh right?

This picture was taken when I was on an hour conference call. What can i say? it's good to have a soft toy to keep you accompany when you're at work.

Super Size Me - Fastfood Test

My closed friend sent me this video and i sat attentively for 5 mins to view.

after the viewing, I'm wondering what happen to the fries my tummy.

Fern & the cow

Cow = "LEMBU" in Malay
Cow = "niu" in Mandarin

I love them

I eat them

I drink them

I eat their meat. Have you tried Tony Romas 'beef burger'? *Drooling*
I drink their milk. I love milk milk. I guess those stay under the same roof with me, my housemates, roomates, family and etc, know that i love drinking milk.

I have a cow on my Facebook as well.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease pet pet my Moo Moo Fern. Tengkiu!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've been praying hard lately to address my food cravings.
But since this morning, I've been craving for double choc muffins.
Tengku Mahkota dropped me at the small 7 Eleven shop near my office, they don't sell Gardenier muffins.
Pray hard pray hard...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


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Thursday, October 04, 2007

bad habit

I have this bad habit that my mom and Tengku Mahkota cannot 'tahan'.
What is it?
*eyes rolling*
What could it be?
Hmmm...Am i too shy to share it?
Nope, not at all...
I like to be super manja, e.g. calling my loved ones when i've got nothing to do. In short, I'm a very restless person, i must keep myself occupied all the time, either reading a book, playing violin, surfing the net, waching TV, doing cross stitch & bla bla...i must do something.
So, what i do when i'm really restless? I start calling ppl's name.
When i'm back in turtle island, i'll sit down in the living room. After getting so bored with Astro programs, i'll start calling 'Ma...Ma...Ma...' No response...ok, again 'Ma...Ma...Ma...' Then, my mom will start answering 'Yes?' Again, 'Ma...Ma...' 'Yes, what do you want?' 'Ma...Ma...'
'Just tell me what do you want?' mom says.
'I just like to call you mar, after i go bk to KL, i hardly call you, so i must grab the chance to call you more often'. This is my explanation.
Back in KL, when i'm stucked in the jam while Tengku Mahkota gets so stressed up when cars cutting queue, i'll start calling him 'Dear... dear...' 'Yes?' 'Dear...dear..' 'Yes? what do you want? say lar!' 'Dear...Dear...' no replies from Tengku Mahkota. 'I've asked you what do you want and you're not answering', that's what he said yesterday.
'I like to call you mar... you see..when i was in Uk, everytime i call your name, you were not there to answer. Now, i'd really enjoy the immediate reply from you everytime i call you.' fern gigling.
i guess i have made of them very frustrated owing to my 'manjaness'.
When i was young, i used to call my mom as i walked into the house. 'Ma...Ma...i'm back!!'
Nowdays, i call 'Aunty yap...Uncle...'
Ma...Ma...Ma...fern fern misses you.
Dear...dear...what time are we going badminton?
ops..4.10pm, back to work.


I'm so sleeepy now... lack of sleep...
I've been drinking so much water since i came into office to keep myself awake, drink more water, visit the toilet more often, walk more, move the body, hopefully i won't get so sleepy.
I'm so sleepy until i miss my bed so much.
For the last two nights, i had really bad and weird habits. I do not know what has happened when i was sleeping. I got up this morning, again, i ended up sleeping horizontally on the bed. In other words, my entire body has turned 90 degree. What did i do? *Obviously, i cannot recall because i sleep like a log* Hmmm.... *eyes rolling* But but but, my pillows were at the original positions where i usually place them. Where is my mickey mouse?
I'm feeling 'BLAH'.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ciku Tree

Planting a ciku tree is not an easy job at all. These pictures show the entire process. The main contributor is Kapitan Yap!!!
We pray that the ciku tree will be fruitful and bless more people...
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